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Mini laptops- 6 reasons why you should favour them!

by wolvol

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Mini laptops have become a common sight in offices as well as homes and they feature almost all the specifications of a standard laptop. Also known as a mini computer, these small sized laptops have taken the gadget world by storm. Having virtually no major drawbacks, there are many reasons why you must go for these mini laptops.

The first and most obvious reason is the size and weight of the mini laptops. Compact and lightweight, they can be carried anywhere and at any time. Since they weigh a ridiculously tiny 2 pounds or so, they can be easily slipped inside a handbag, briefcase or knapsack etc. If you wish to carry your mini laptop separately, you can get small cases specifically meant for these miniature computer models.

The second important reason is the price factor. Mini laptops are priced quite low and can meet the requirements of all your family members without making a big hole in your pocket. Compared to the cost of standard laptops, the price of these mini laptops is also quite ‘mini’!

The third reason to buy these little beauties is that they pack in quite a punch despite their petite frame. Sporting a range of features, most of the mini laptops have 3 USB ports with many internet and entertainment selections with the additional advantage of having a powerful processor, variety of software options and a more than adequate memory. Both Bluetooth and wireless options are also available as are flash cards and memory cards. Coming in a sturdy casing, the mini laptops are safe in the most tremulous or mischievous of hands and can also be easily upgraded.

The fourth reason is that the mini laptops are technically very savvy. They can be had with Linox, Ubuntu, Mac or Windows XP operating systems and the memory space is around 512 MB to 1GB on an average. Storage space is also nothing to be sneezed at as 60-80 GB is provided in such a small area.

The fifth reason is that since the mini laptops are equipped with the basic software which enables users to create documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, check e-mails etc. they are invaluable for the business traveller. Leisure travellers too can enjoy music, take pictures, browse, message or simply chat on these mini computers. They are definitely a very handy alternative to bulky laptops.

The last but very important reason to pick up these mini laptops is that they are more environmentally-friendly than the regular laptops. Since the battery usage is very low and the battery itself has a long life which means less frequent replacement and subsequent disposal of batteries, mini laptops impact the environment less than their standard counterparts. Using ‘greener’ electronic devices is a powerful argument in favour of mini laptops and with environmental concerns increasing day by day, it is the right way to go.

The case in favour of mini laptops is hereby rested!

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