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Comprehending the Importance and Use of Dog Tags

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Fashion has unquestionably reached a newer level with the 21st century. From headgears to outfits, footwear and accessories, there are plenty of things that you can add to yourself to make you appear even cooler and attractive. Since the craze for fashion is growing at incredible rates among the youth these days, the older people hope it does not get worse.

Accessorizing at this point of time is the key to look trendy. Now you can make your hair look a little (or completely) messy, pierce yourself, put on dozens of accessories and there is always much more you can do to yourself. Yet other important accessories for men to appear in more of a dude-way are the dog tags. You would probably have heard of it in one or the other way. You should also have observed teenagers wearing these tags with their initials names on it.

Dog Tags – A bit from history

There were few methods opted by the people of the armed forces to ensure that they would be known in case they died while fighting for the nation. Some of these methods involved writing slips with their names and addresses and pinning them at the back of their jackets, stenciling the same information at the inside of the belt buckle, or on the knapsacks.
However none of these were really effective and there were still thousands of unidentified bodies after the war. This is when the makers of identification badges discovered the lead and brass stamped tags engrossed with the name and address for recognition of the soldiers.

What makes these tags so effective?

The actual tags are much more than just a piece of accessory for decoration and are used for the effective purpose of identification. Just like a simple proof of identification such as driver’s license or any other comparable document, however these are more likely to be stolen or lost at the time of combats or are not really good in which circumstances the forces live. This is why dog tags are ideal for the purpose, since they are worn beneath the uniform, the chances of losing or have them stolen are significantly reduced.

These are primarily manufactured and issued by the government and are made up of stainless steel with a dull finish. The strength of steel offers the tag extreme durability, scratch resistivity and protection from exposure to any sort of weather whereas the dull finish makes the tag attain as less attention as possible.

Military Dog Tags are now worn by a lot of folks out there and have indeed become a mainstream fashion entity. These can easily be obtained from online stores at pretty reasonable prices. You can also get them customized for yourself. These sturdy, durable and cost efficient tags also work well as souvenirs and can be gifted to anyone.

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