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Outcall escorts are one of the professions whose workplace

by chrisrock214

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There has been a long tradition of roaming workers in the capital. It might seem odd in this age of offices and shiny receptions, but there was a time where most company’s base of operations was simply a place to return at the end of the day, somewhere to store paperwork and a property to meet and greet potential customers.

Now of course, travelling salesmen, outcall escorts and others that don’t spend their day behind a desk are considered exotic and unusual. In many ways, not having an office nowadays is a major disadvantage. The fixed property, the smiley receptionist, the leather sofas, and the little cups of espresso are all essential for those involved in the business world. It lends an aura of respectability and professionalism to a company, something that is invaluable when there’s so much choice available. With all the startups emerging then sinking in months, the permanence of some capital, a simple bit of well loved property, shows any customer that this is a stable company with a past as well as a future.  So why would one choose to eschew this? Why are there still people who aren’t embracing their chance to get a fixed HQ and present a great image of themselves?

The obvious answer is that they may not have the money. Working from home, for those that are able, is a very cost effective way of starting a business. Offices are expensive, especially if one is hoping to break into a competitive market like London. Just affording somewhere to live can be hard enough, but renting an office on top of that? You need some serious capital, or a backer to do that. The amount of people working from home is growing every year and many workplaces are adopting a flexible approach to work.

There are those that have the money to afford the flashiness of the glass and steel but choose to wander anyway. Some, like outcall escorts, are bound by the nature of the their job. Their place of work is wherever they’re needed. Others, like poets and writers, will have desks at home but can spend most of their time wandering the city. They enjoy the inspiration of freedom. Unbound by restrictions, that are happy to live the life of a wanderer. The wanderlust is so strong in them that there’s even a name for this type of literary adventurer. A flanêur is one who takes life at his own pace, strolling through in a bid to see and appreciate as much as possible. One can only wonder how many Londoners would love to work in such a manner.

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