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Tips for Installing Full Door Handles on a Jeep

by Charityk

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Installing a door handle on your Jeep can be done when you want to change the color of the Jeep’s exterior or the design of the door handle. Changing the door handle to a painted handle can alter the overall appearance of your Jeep. This installation exercise requires patience and following the correct guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Pre Installation

Step 1: Remove the inner trim door panel of the Jeep and the vapor barrier on the door. The panel is attached to the door with clips around the perimeter. Ensure that the window is in the up position in order to access the rods and clips on the back of the handle. Then slide a trim stick or a flat tool under the edge of the panel and pry it loose from the clips.

Step 2: Using a Philips flat head screwdriver, start removing the screw in the center of the window crank and another in the center of the trim plate for the inside door handle. Keep the screws safely as you will reuse them when reassembling the door.

Step 3: Peel back the moisture barrier from the Jeep door carefully not to rip it. The moisture barrier will need to be intact when you reinstall it to avoid water or air leakage later.


Step 4: Trace the latch release rod in the opening on the exterior of the door. Fit the rod onto the tab of the inside of the door handle. It snaps into position with a plastic clip.

Step 5: Position a new gasket on the Jeep door opening and slide the handle into the opening. Next, move to the inside of the door and install the gasket and keepers on both ends of the handle. Ensure you line the gasket up properly so that it seals to keep out air and water.

Step 6:  Slide the window crank handle onto the window regulator so you can raise and lower down the window. Don’t install the screw as you will need to remove the handle again when you reinstall the inner trim panel.

Step 7: Roll the window down and using a long flat screwdriver, reach down from the top through the window slot and push the retainers down into the Jeep Door handle. The retainer has several notches cut into it; push the retainer down until two or three notches have engaged the door handle. Don’t push so far that you bend the sheet metal around the handle.

Step 8: Roll the window up fully then install the latch rod followed by the lock rod and lastly the outside release rod onto the handle.

Step 9: Install the vapour barrier on the Jeep door and replace the inner door panel which you can attach using clips and can be snapped into place by pushing the clips into the holes on the door.

 Step 10: Finally install the window crank handle on the jeep door and secure it with the Philips head retaining screw. Install it in the center of the trim panel around the inside door handle and tighten both with a head screwdriver.

There comes a time when as a Jeep owner you need to replace the door handles on your Jeep. In case you are replacing a damaged door handle, replacement of jeep door handles can be found at a salvage yard or the Jeep dealer and a car parts store.


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