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The Reasons, signs and Treatment of Skin Cancer

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Skin Cancer is very common in America. Almost 10 lakh people are diagnosed of skin Cancer every year. It is really good that people seldom die from this disease. The main reason is that the disease is mostly detected in early stages before it transforms into a serious health issue.

There are mainly 3 types of skin cancer: melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and Basal cell. The names of each type are taken from each types of epidermis layer which gets affected by malignant cells. The squamous cell skin cancer and basal cell skin cancer are the types of skin cancers that usually occur. Melanoma seldom occurs but it is very harmful and dangerous.

The different other types of cancer are caused by combined effects of familial and ecological factors. Skin Cancer is mainly caused by ecological factors with familial factors influencing to a small extent.

The most vulnerable factor is too much UV rays from sun and many such artificial sources such as tanning centers and sunlamps. Unlimited UV damages DNA, which causes growth of cancer cell and its abnormal cell division, which invariably leads to the formation of tumors. Research has concluded that melanoma is caused by chromosomal mutation of chromosome 9 and CDKN2.

Though it is true that the disease can show up anytime, people over fifty years of age are more vulnerable to this disease as a result of too much sun rays which affects their eyes, skin and hair. There are many people with weak immunity system due to any kind of ailments or medicine and undergone skin radiation treatment. Those people hold the maximum chances of getting skin cancer.

If you want to know about skin cancer, there here is some information which may help you. The earliest sign of this disease is the discoloring of the skin. Some moles show up in the skin changes in its structure and color and get a little lumpy look. Such change in moles gradually causes pain and is sensitive which the other symptoms of this disease are. People should carefully notice these changes in their skin.  

If someone notices these symptoms, they should at once consult any dermatologist without further delay. There are total five stages of cancer in which any early stage detection gives the maximum chance of survival for the patient. The squamous cell skin cancer and basal cell skin cancer passes through similar stages. Melanoma type has its own different five stages of growth.

In most cases, the tumors of skin cancers are removed by surgery process. The surgery which is normally done is Mohs micrographical surgery in which first the skin layer is eradicated and then the tumor. The residual portion is again diagnosed for availability of cancer cells. The treatment is applicable on any part on the body. It is also applied on face. The usual surgery that is done in this disease is by cutting the area where the mole is present. The area also comprises of some healthy tissue. Such tumor is also removed laser surgeries, electric currents and cryosurgery.

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