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Shoulder Troubles that Can be Fixed by an Aurora Orthopedic

by kristalbyrnes

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The most pliable joint in the body is the shoulder. It can maneuver in almost all ways compared to any other joint in the body. The human shoulder owes its flexibility to its special "ball-and-socket" structure. Inside your shoulders, the ball cozily stays in a shallow socket. This shallowness, however, is the reason why the shoulder is the most dislocated joint in the human body.

Arthroscopic surgery is the treatment done by an expert Aurora orthopedic surgeon to detect and handle conditions in the shoulder joints. The procedure is done through a number of cuts (about one centimeter each) where one camera is inserted into one incision and little instruments are fit into the others. Below are examples of shoulder problems that can be fixed with arthroscopic surgery.

Labral tears

The labrum is a type of cartilage that encompasses the socket of the shoulder joints. Injuries to the labrum are a cause of severe ache and soreness in the shoulder region. Arthroscopic surgery to handle a little labral tear usually entails shaving off the torn part of the labrum to leave a smooth edge. For larger tears, the labrum may be fixed by using anchors and sutures that will re-secure the torn labrum down to the shoulder socket.

Rotator cuff tears

The rotator cuff is comprised 4 muscles that help move and support the shoulder joint. Any injury to each of these four muscles or their ligaments can trigger serious pain and limited range of motion of the shoulders. Surgical treatment to mend a torn rotator cuff usually involves re-attaching the tendon to the head of the upper arm bone. If the tear is only partial, a shaving or smoothing procedure may be enough.

Shoulder bursitis

The shoulder contains a lubricating sac known as a bursa. When the shoulder experiences a tear, it's possible for the bursa to experience inflammation. Arthroscopic surgery can be done to remove any damaged bursal tissue.

The recovery period for arthroscopic surgery relies on the injury and the kind of surgery conducted. Get in touch with a qualified Aurora arthroscopic surgeon if arthroscopic surgery is the best solution for your shoulder condition. Find out more about this specific orthopedic procedure at


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