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About Peer Pressure -

by anonymous

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Peer pressure can rather get to you when you are constantly there in that kind of a surrounding. What happens in such a case is that the influence of those of your kind who are around you for a significant amount of time gets imprinted onto the subconscious. As a result, the mannerisms, methods, and all such factors that are related to a person begin to be changed or modified according to those that are present in the peers that surround him or her. Therefore, it is of extreme importance to mind the kind of people that you choose to share the amount of space and time that you have.

• A person may be least susceptible to getting manipulated by what is happening around, but it is still necessary to stay conscious of what one is absorbing mentally. This will help in distinguishing in between what needs to be done and what must not be accepted.

• Realizing such fine lines will help to remain away from the negative effects that are part of such a culture. The thing about such a kind of phenomena is that it is not realized as and when the changes are taking place in the person.

• In a rather unconscious manner, the modifications take place in the individual in such a way that he or she is now adapting to those who are a part of the surrounding.

• It is often thought that peer pressure is a common occurrence only amongst teenagers or children. This, however, is not that true. It is not a case that is simply restricted to the adolescent but is also a scenario that a lot of people who have grown up are exposed to.

• As a matter of example, things such as the kind of house that you buy or the nature of the vehicle that you go and purchase might be strongly a result of the various pressures that have been undertaken by you on account of the people whom you work with and the way in which they think.

• Thereby, it is wrong to think that those who have attained more experience due to age are not at risk to falling under the authority of those with whom they work or get together with.

Hence, always be aware of your own choices as that will be able to help you take your decisions.




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