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Tree Damage: Preventive Ideas for Roofing in St Louis MO

by allysonsunde

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It's really relaxing to spend a quiet afternoon underneath the leafy shade of a tree sitting in your own yard. Yet the tree is your responsibility, especially if it grows too close for comfort to your roof. Trees, for St Louis MO roofing, can occasionally be a liability.

Tree damage may be circumvented by trimming the branches (either you do it on your own or have an arborist perform it). Otherwise, you run the risk of the likelihood of letting branches pierce holes on the roofing surface in the course of a truly heavy-duty storm. However, an overgrown tree might still do some damage even in sunny weather. Here are some instances of passive tree damage:

Thick foliage.

Leaves and branches that naturally fall off the tree can wind up within your gutter--and you know how essential it is to keep that clear. With leaves stuffing the water's only escape to the ground, a gutter may suffer from structural damage as a result of overload. You must keep the branches at the very least a few inches away from the gutter with frequent pruning to prevent such an occurrence.


Pointy branches that are too close to the roofing surface might leave lacerations on the roofing material. Looks aside, these scratches may grow into bigger defects the longer the scratching continues. The unwritten rule is that you should never let branches stay too close to the roof regardless of the kind of material utilized.

Rotting leaves.

Whenever branches make a hole in the roofing structure, it's not just rainfall you need to fret about. You also need to concern yourself with the fallen leaves, especially the decaying ones, as specialists say they release acids and penetrate the exposed underlayment. Other than fixing the hole, fallen leaves all over the roof need to be cleaned as quickly as possible. It may take a while for fallen leaves to disintegrate, but you must not delay too long lest the damage gets worse.

In case your roof has suffered from tree damage, then it's best to have roofing contractors in St Louis come in in and perform repairs instantly. For more info on damage inflicted by trees on roofing systems, check out

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