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Pitfalls Of Online Education

by CeciliaFaith

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Online education is a new term that has emerged up recently, with a great buoyant force attracting the eyeballs of spectators around the world. This new concept of education has been a hot topic of discussion ever since its inception. Many people totally believe in its immense power and several advantages it offers to the students. While on the other side, there is no scarcity of people who criticize this concept. Being an open minded author I have tried to understand their views too and I have come to the conclusion that their points of criticism make sense. Below are some of the pitfalls that the critics have marked in concern with the online education system-

1. Time Flexibility Works Adversely: A great advantage of online education, of ‘time flexibility’ actually works adversely for a majority of people. Time flexibility is one of the features of online training that enables an e-learner to pursue the course at any time. The course package is available to them 24x7. This can prove beneficial for those who are tied up in their busy schedule. However, the reality is adverse. Most of the people who have ample amount of time for pursuing the course tend to postpone their study sessions as they know that they can pursue the same later on. This leads to an accumulation of several sessions. This leads to either inefficient study sessions or incompletion of courses. 

2. Recognition: Leaving aside few reputed career courses, most of the online training courses are not very well recognized by the global market. Many employers don’t consider online educational certificates as a very good educational qualification for hiring employees. The concept is in its infant stage and needs awareness amongst the masses for attaining a good reputation. 

3. Makes Students Less Social: Many critics argue that online education makes students less social. In any traditional setting students go to school or university and meet peers, interact with them and socialize with them. They get to know about the reality of life and learn to socialize. However, students remain quite isolated in online training as compared to the traditional mode of education. They don’t meet up their peers or teachers or any other person while pursuing the course and hence lag behind in socializing. 

4. Entangles Students In A Virtual Lifestyle: In online education students not only study online but also start living an online virtual life. They study online, socialize online, play online and do several other activities, all online. This creates a huge gap between the real and the virtual world. 

5. Poor Layout Makes IT Inefficient: Not all the online courses have a well prepared layout. Rather, there are several courses that have a poor layout which makes the Career Training sessions inefficient and ineffective. They often annoy the e-learners and ultimately affect the quality of education. 

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About Author:::I am an IT professional with ample years of experience. I am pursuing my HND Course. I have a flair for writing, so I keep posting my thoughts and experience about arbitrary topics. I often wonder about the future of HND Online.

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