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Selling your Surplus Inventory to Liquidators

by jessehayden

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When you’re in business and your merchandise exceeds your foreseen demand, you will most likely have a problem on how to properly dispose of your excess supply without greatly affecting your cash flow and profit. You might also have a storage problem on your hands. These situations will eventually have an effect on your finances so you have to find a solution for them, and fast. One good way to get rid of your surplus is though the help of overstock liquidation companies.

Sometimes, even a high demand and big sales can do little to dispose of excess supply. There are times when customers just aren’t interested to buy. If you still have excess merchandise despite offering your merchandise at reduced prices, storage might seem good idea. You can keep your items in your warehouse until a higher demand comes along. Or you could simply sell it, lock, stock and barrel.

Liquidation companies will buy your excess merchandise for a percentage of the original cost and re-sell it to the market. This is very advantageous, particularly for companies that deal with seasonal products. Instead of keeping your Christmas merchandise in storage for next year, why not earn immediately from it through liquidators? This will get you some handy cash and reduce the risk of product deterioration while in storage, as well as additional expenses in storage fee.

Search the internet or your local directories for companies who are into surplus liquidation. Check their reliability to assure that they have a good system of resale. This is particularly important if your business deals with brands that you don’t want to circulate around secondary markets; or if you have your own brand to protect.

In selling your merchandise, always consider the total as well as the individual values of the items; different liquidation companies have different buying percentage rates. Make sure that you price your items correctly to benefit from liquidation. Otherwise, you defeat the purpose.

Proper overstock liquidation is a known and trusted solution to surplus problems of many companies. To learn more about selling your surplus to liquidators, check out

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