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Photofacial-An Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment

by laserbella

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Do you ever notice droopiness in your skin? If so, it is one of the signs of aging with fat loss and changes in skin textures are the other ones. These elements in combination make us look older, mature and tired. One of the best solutions for this skin droopiness and sagging is the IPL or Intense Pulsed Light photo facial.

This is a very effective, safe skin treatment with no downtime. It can work on pigments, brown spots and broken blood vessels on the face skin. Generally, there are broken blood vessels and brown spots around our nose, chin and cheeks which are the indications of sun damage.

These brown spots and blood vessels are left behind on the facial skin after an injury or inflammation has occurred. These spots create an aged variegated appearance which is known as dyschromia. For removal such spots, photo facial treatments are preferred all over the world.

How does photo facial treatment work to treat aging skin?

The process uses a bright flash of visible light almost similar to a camera flash. This has the ability to remove pigments and broken vessels non-surgically. This flash of light is passed through a filter which allows light of only selective wavelengths. There are various equipments which allows light of different wavelengths.

How will my skin look immediately after Photo facial?

The best part is it will not leave any scars and will not peel the skin. The treatment is very gentle on the skin. After treatment, the pigment of the brown spots darkens a bit. The skin around the broken blood vessels is also darkened a little bit. However, you should not worry about the skin as it will remain intact. There can be a slight pinkish appearance of the treated area.

The pinkness can be easily covered with the makeup and the other parts of the skin will also return to normal conditions very soon.

Does the process hurt?

Though, there is slight discomfort but one does not need any anesthesia or numbing machine. When the light hits your skin, you feel a small snap or sting for a while but anyone can easily tolerate this.

How many treatments are required for successful results?

For an individual’s treatment, 3 IPL treatments are required at an interval of 4-5 weeks. If we look towards the technical side, enough power can be used to treat brown spots and blood vessels in one treatment but this much of energy can be painful for the patient. It can also lead to blisters and scars. Therefore, for gentle treatments doctors repeat the process 4-5 times.

How soon can one see the result after the treatment?

Results will start appearing after 4-5 weeks. The brown spots will be completely removed and the red ones would have become lighter. Those who have thin skin with light spots and pigments can observe the complete removal after one treatment.

After reading above article, you must be clear that this technique is quite safe, effective and pain free. Some other skin treatments include tattoo removal, wrinkle reduction, etc.

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