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Do You Need a Water Softener for Your Phoenix Home?

by JudyJohnson

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Are you experiencing soap scum build-up in your sinks, tubs, showers and shower doors? Do clothes look dingy, faded, or deteriorated after a few rounds in your washing machine? And are your dishes, stemware, and glassware displaying etching from dishwasher cycles? Do you need to use a lot of soap and detergent to clean, and hair, skin, and clothes still don’t seem clean after washing? These are just a few of the telltale signs that you may need a water softener.

These are just the visual signs that you may need a whole house water softener. Hard water is chiefly composed of calcium, magnesium, and lime—Minerals that can cause scale and build-up inside water heaters. This eventually forms a crusty insulation barrier inside water heaters, making them inefficient, because before the water can be heated, this mineral build-up must be heated. This can eventually put water heaters into a state of disrepair. Think of this build-up in your household pipes, too. Every water-using appliance in your home is subject to hard water minerals creating malfunctions.

Phoenix hard water is known to be among the hardest in the nation. Harness is measured in grains per gallon, and water harness above 7 grains per gallon is rated “very hard.” Water in the Phoenix metro area is between 12-22 grains per gallon on the average! To tackle this extremely hard water situation, look for a local water treatment professional with years of proven experience and exemplary customer service.

The company with the best water softener Phoenix has to offer is Clear Water Concepts. With over 16 years in the water treatment industry, they have qualified technicians who can answer your every question. They will build the best water softener Phoenix has on the market for you, constructing it to your specifications without using “hard sell” tactics to convince you to purchase items that you don’t need. They are licensed with the Registrar of Contractors and proudly affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, the National Sanitation Foundation, and the Water Quality Association. You can trust them to properly install, service, and repair your custom soft water system. Trust Clear Water Concepts to help you save on your energy and water bills, too—they are a leader in eco-smart technologies that use less electricity, water, and salt.

Contact Clear Water Concepts for more information on how they can help you save money on water heater bills, soap and detergent bills, and ruined clothes, dishes, and glassware. Make an appointment today for the best water softener, Phoenix. Go to


About Author:

Judy Johnson is an amateur writer and health enthusiast that focuses on many green-living subjects. She’s been interested in environmentally conscious home improvement projects and often features helpful information like how to choose the best Clear Water Concepts.

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