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How to Use Visuals to Increase SEO

by tylerbensen

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Social media has changed the way people use the Internet. The typical Internet user has the power to make a product popular or damage the reputation of a company by simply sharing a link or two in Facebook or Twitter with a few comments. The influence of social media is evident by the sheer number of social media websites. Today, Facebook and Twitter are getting stiff competition from Pinterest, a fast-growing website where Internet users can share content and graphics ranging from hobbies, interests and events. Pinterest’s attraction is its unique design- it looks like a pin board where users can share their interests to others. The best SEO company can help a client’s website generate more online traffic by tapping into the large number of Pinterest users.

A top SEO company understands how powerful social media is in making any product, service or website popular, because the entire purpose of social media is to share content with friends. Thus, the best SEO company often designs and shares unique content on Pinterest on behalf of their clients to get that information shared and passed along to other Pinterest users. SEO experts understand that interesting content can reach out to a large audience, potentially increasing the public ranking of the website and interest in the business and products on that website.

The use of memes is another strategy that the best SEO company may utilize to help a client’s website gain more traffic. Internet memes are simply any concept that spreads across the Inter—They can include images, stories, quotes, images, audio or video. There is no denying that Internet users are more likely to share and pass around a funny meme than a well-written article. They can go viral.

Infographics are also a type of content that is best suited for sharing on Pinterest. Infographics are content related information that is represented or characterized with graphic visuals. Internet users prefer to share content that is not only entertaining but also informative. Pinterest users easily share Internet memes and infographics, as long as these contents are entertaining, informative and relevant.

Pinterest also offers companies an alternative social media platform. Businesses can start their own page on Pinterest, where they can add buttons and widgets and reach out to their target audience. Similar to Twitter, Pinterest has a “Follow” button that allows Internet users to follow a certain brand. The other functionality, Pin It, enables users to pin a photo or graphic to one of their boards.

Pinterest offers the opportunity for website owners to get known on the Internet. A top SEO company, like Bergstrom-SEO, can design and implement the perfect strategy to tap into Pinterest to reach its many users.

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