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Why you should opt for LED Ceiling Panels

by maemullen

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The future of the lighting industry has no doubt gotten brighter especially with the discovery of new technology that seeks to provide the world with cheaper and efficient lighting solutions. The field of opto-electronics no doubt is undergoing a revolution and soon there will be affordable incandescent lighting to be used in the office and homes illuminating each and every corner of the world. The development of the LED ceiling panels is a step towards achieving this. Compared with the traditional bulb, this is a solution that presents untold opportunities and is a source of pride to many homes.


For those who have been accustomed to the incandescent bulbs, LED ceiling panels will no doubt be a good surprise especially in terms maintenance. For the ordinary bulbs, there is the need to change once in a while as the lifetime of use of these bulbs is quite low. For large buildings, factories and skyscrapers, this means that there will be hundreds of man-hours needed to change the bulbs leading to a lot of labor costs.  For the LED ceiling panels however, this does not arise as the lifetime stretches up to a decade or more.


Another major strength of LED ceiling panels is the efficiency in energy use. The world is currently facing a crisis over energy management and use.  The over reliance on fossil fuel is resulting to untold miseries due to global warming and environmental activists are advocating for more efficient energy use. While it is not possible to influence how people utilise energy worldwide, acquiring LED ceiling panels is a step towards the right direction.  For the traditional bulbs, close to fifty percent of the energy is wasted in form of heat. In places where this heat is not needed, this hence is wastage. For the LED ceiling panels however, there is over eighty percent efficiency as they produce very low levels of heat.


The core intention of the ordinary bulb is lighting. Most of the buildings do not have adequate natural lighting during the day and the ordinary bulbs do not offer much assistance.  For the LED Ceiling Panels however, there is much to be achieved as they provide more than twice the brightness emitted by the ordinary bulbs.  The level of efficiency is high and even LED ceiling panels of lower power produce adequate light than the bulbs of double the power due to a higher level of efficiency.

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