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Facebook’s New Location App: To Be Released Soon

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Where are you now? Intrusive or not, Facebook is launching a new app that will allow your Facebook friends to know your exact location at all times.
While it seems that Facebook will take a big beating for this, they aren’t the first to include location technology in their applications. Apple, Google and many others have ventured out on the ledge of including location technology in their apps. For instance, “Find My Friends” by Apple allows you to find out the location of your friends and vice versa.
Only now, this Facebook App will allow your friends to know your location even if your phone is off (who turns their phone off anyway?).
Of course, privacy issues will need to be addressed but the overall consensus is that location enabling will not go away. App developers, advertisers, marketers and publishers alike see this medium as a way to get their targeted message in front of consumers. It’s inevitable.
While some will argue that Facebook is selling their soul (by selling ads) while violating the privacy of its users, advertising isn’t new for Facebook. That’s how they make most of their money—with advertising. Their ad revenue in 2011 was $3.2 billion, up 69 percent in 2010. The news is that they’ve just recently begun to focus on mobile ads, which just makes sense seeing that there are 5.9 million active smart phone users—and that about half of them use their smart phone to access the internet.
The platform is a great exchange. People congregate on Facebook day and night. What are your thoughts on this? The GeoLoqal Mobile development platform helps developers create, test and monetize Location-Aware Applications. There is a free sign up option to test drive the platform


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