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Experienced Gynecologists Perform Advanced Surgeries in Sing

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Pregnancy is an important period in a woman’s life; with the baby’s arrival, there is new joy and love. When the woman knows that she is pregnant, the first step she would do is to find a good hospital. You can easily find a good women clinic in Singapore that provides various services such as fertility treatment, delivery, birth control, abortion, sterilization, laparoscopic surgery and many more.

Services at Women’s Clinic in Singapore

Women’s clinic in Singapore offers various gynecological surgeries and other related treatments for women. A laparoscopic surgery is a popular procedure that involves less pain, faster recovery and hardly any complications. The surgery is performed using a slender fiber-optic telescopic tube with a small video-camera at the tip. A tiny incision in your navel allows the laparoscope to be inserted and the doctor can work on the area. Surgical instruments are inserted through small incisions on the abdomen sides. Images of the concerned area are captured by the instrument onto a monitor. This helps the doctor to examine the spot, take samples or remove a growth. Gynecological conditions such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, cervical and uterine cancers and ectopic pregnancy can all be corrected with laparoscopic surgery.

Laser Circumcision Procedure

Local anaesthesia is sufficient to carry out male circumcision; this is a procedure by which the excess foreskin is removed from the penis of babies and adults. Foreskin infections can be avoided by performing this surgery; some do it to fulfill religious beliefs. Laser circumcision is done in most Singapore hospitals and clinics for boys of 5 years and above. This is because boys below 5 years may not cooperate with the doctor during surgery. Conventional circumcision is done using a Plastibell or surgical bladder. Today, laser beam is popularly used for this surgery by which the laser cuts and controls the bleeding. As a result, the technique produces a tidy wound. Additionally, by this method accurate amounts of mucous membrane and skin can be removed. Antibiotics, anti-inflammation and pain-relief medications are given after the procedure.

Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

Today, modern young women are looking at vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty to restore their self-esteem and to re-establish sexual excitement. This procedure is popular and is done in a women’s clinic in Singapore and other hospitals around the world. The surgery basically aims at tightening the vagina which becomes loose or slack due to ageing and childbirth. However, vagina tightening alone cannot improve sexual desire as there are several interpersonal factors that are also responsible for sexual excitement. Labiaplasty is another surgery to correct the labia; the major and minor labia are the outer and inner lips of the vagina respectively. The procedure changes the shape or size of the labium. The surgery can be carried out along with vaginoplasty or separately. There are gynecologists who are specialized in these procedures

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