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Roofer and Window Expert Says About Making Use of Case

by rodneyorton

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You might want to consider getting a hold of casement windows as an alternative if you find double-hung windows too old-fashioned and boring. They're not really the most popular option among residents, but they give a number of amazing conveniences that make them excellent.

The distinctive characteristic of casement windows is that they swing open much like doors, with either the left or right side hinged on the wall. A window specialist and professional roofer in Omaha discusses the conveniences that casement windows can provide your home:

Completely open windows

If the size of a window opening is essential to your house (to let the air in on a hot day, for example), then casements are your best option. No other type of window can possibly be opened as wide—you can swing a casement window entirely open. Set this against double-hung windows, which enable only the upper pr lower half to open at a time; sliding windows, which let just one side open, the other side being fixed; and picture windows, which never ever open. Different other window options simply crack open partially, and none go as wide as sliders or double-hung windows.

Side breezes

If breezes often move down your house at an acute angle, it would be tough to obtain any kind of air inside. Casement windows, however, have an open sash which serves as a flap to channel breezes into your house. With most window kinds, the breezes that often come in at a sharp angle will not have the ability to enter the house. With a casement, the open sash would do a beautiful job at scooping the wind into the home.


Casement windows are one of the few window kinds that are really hard to break into. Due to the fact that they are hook-shaped (with the hooks embedded within the frame), they are quite untouchable. Double-hung windows, however, are a lot simpler to burglarize—sliding a slim crow bar under the panel and raising it usually does the job because the screws that secure the sash locks pull right out of the wood.

Casement windows present advantages that your home might need. If you decide that these are the things your home needs, contact an Omaha windows contractor to have your replacement project started. See for window replacement buying ideas.

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