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[Apps, Smartphones and Mobile Marketing] Making Digital Mark

by anonymous

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Marketing has constantly evolved over the years.

From conventional marketing, to what we have now – digital marketing. Marketing is now entering the digital world where apps rule.

Although consumers have been mobile savvy for quite sometime now, marketers are now doing all they can to use the mobile phone for a better connection with consumers.

It has been estimated that consumers will spend over 80 minutes per day on their mobile phones and devices (eMarketer).

In 2010, it was estimated to be about 40 minutes per day. That’s more than double.  Mobile marketing should be a big priority for brands and businesses if they want to increase their sales.

Unfortunately, there are many businesses who are more conservative when it comes to mobile marketing. They are not very sure on how to use the power of mobile and they find themselves in unknown territory. All businesses should however know this much, nothing can come close to a consumer as much as mobile marketing can.

By 2016, marketers will have 10 billion opportunities to get that much closer to their target consumers. These numbers should be enough to show marketers how important it is to go into mobile marketing.

Consumers want information on the spot, they would like to purchase on the spot, and pay on the spot.  Everything has to happen in a minute.  This “gotta have it now” attitude is advantageous to mobile devices as decisions, actions and transactions can be made with a swipe, tap and a click.

One online study of mobile marketing and optimization found that if businesses put aside 7% of their yearly marketing budgets into mobile marketing,they would still get a better sale in the same budget. With huge brands like Coca-Cola, P&G and others revving up their mobile marketing budgets, it’s time others should follow too.

Banks are already doing it.  You can deposit checks, check balances and make payments through apps and websites. Today, as many as 48% of consumers download their bank’s app on their mobile devices.

Mobile marketing is the only way we can be as close as possible to our consumers.

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