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How to Identify Toothaches and When to Seek Dental Treatment

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Most patients believe that their teeth are tough, hard, and free of sensation.  When we’re crushing carrots or tearing through tough bread in our mouths, our teeth do not feel the pressure.  For the most part, our teeth do not send sensory information to our brains.  Our teeth have been structured so the outer layers, enamel, and dentin do not have any nerves.  However the inner core of the tooth, also known as the dental pulp contains blood vessels, tissues, and nerves.  

When patients experience a toothache, it is an indication that dental nerves are exposed.  This tells the dentist that dentin and enamel layers have been compromised.  Therefore, they are no longer able to adequately protect the dental pulp and nerves.

How can damage be caused to the dentin and enamel?

- The first thing that comes to mind is dental decay also referred to as a cavity.  Cavities will in fact diminish enamel and dentin.  When left untreated, cavities will move from the outer layer of the tooth to the dental pulp.  The tooth’s nerves will then become inflamed and infected which leads to pain.

- When a tooth is damaged in an accident, your dental nerves will likely become damaged.  Cracked or chipped teeth resulting from extreme pressure are not only aesthetically unappealing, but are extremely painful.

- Gum disease may also damage your teeth during the time period when the infection moves from your gum tissues up into the dental pulp.  When gum disease is left untreated, it may weaken the tissues that actually hold your teeth in place.  Over time, teeth will become loose and fall out.  

If you are experiencing tooth pain, you should not hesitate to seek treatment from our Toluca Lake dentist.  The structural issues leading to dental pain need to be addressed with restorative dentistry.  Teeth are simply not able to rid themselves of infection and regenerate tooth structures without the assistance of modern dentistry.  

Give our Toluca Lake dentist office a call right away to learn how we may help you!  

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