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Destination wedding photography is not only about glamour

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Swaying palms, azure sky, golden sands, turquoise sea or centuries old villa/castle/ church in some foreign country……imagine taking your wedding wows in such an amazing setting! Destination weddings are all the rage now because more and more people want to have their wedding in exotic locales. Although destination weddings sound very glamorous and exciting and can definitely be great fun, it is not exactly a cakewalk.  It involves a lot of hard work and tremendous organization since everything is at another place. Wedding photographers are an integral and indispensable part of the occasion and destination wedding photography is in another category by itself.

The most important thing while hiring the photographer for any destination wedding is to ensure that he has a valid permit if the place so requires it. If the permit is required it is necessary to put the process in motion immediately since the permit may take up to four months to obtain. You will also have to check whether the venue where the wedding is going to take place allows outside photographers. Many resorts have their in-house photographers for such occasions and do not permit outsiders. You should ensure that your wedding co-ordinator keeps you up-to date with such policies before you sign on the photographer.

The best wedding photographers spend enough time with their clients to get to know their likes/dislikes, the type of photography which appeals to the clients and to know enough about the location so as to get a fair idea about the best way to take the shots. Finding a photographer who matches your temperament and who can get on with your guests on the whole is very important especially in the case of destination weddings.

Any photography related to wedding is very critical and a very important part of the ceremony. Many resort brochures make the location look private and secluded but on the actual day you find that the beach is public and to your horror, you see hundreds of people in their swimming suits have formed a backdrop in your destination wedding photography. Hence it is necessary that you insist on seeing pictures of the ceremony location beforehand from all angles to avoid your wedding photographs consisting of strangers.

For destination wedding photographs to turn out great it is important to schedule your portraits and ceremony according to the timing of that place. For instance, many destinations which are close to the equator have shorter days in June and the best wedding photographer will advise you on holding the ceremony in the late afternoon to get fabulous light and some fantastic pictures. But, if you are, say, in London, then a morning ceremony maybe more apt as any top wedding photographer in London will suggest.

Destination wedding photography can turn out truly awesome provided you land yourself a good photographer and take care of the various processes which may be required.

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