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Trade booth display options available for purchase

by JasonKevin

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If there is a trait that trade show exhibitors must perfect to be successful in the trade show industry must be the ability to be versatile with the choice of a trade booth display they can use. This applies across the board, whether you are a green exhibitor or a seasoned campaigner. Regardless of your prior qualifications one thing is for sure – there are plenty of display options available and you need to always pick one (or more) that you are confident of getting positive results with.

Before you settle on a particular trade booth display there are two vital aspects that you must consider and which will determine whether it is plausible to purchase or rent a booth. These considerations have to do with space size availability and the number of shows that you wish to exhibit at in a given timeframe, say a year. In the event that purchasing a display booth is the most reasonable way to go about things then you have four categories of these to choose from i.e. custom booths, modular exhibits, portable trade show displays and used display booths.

Used display booths are a perfect solution to consider if you need to work within a budget and can cut your expenses by half. There are lots of varieties when it comes to used display booths considering that these vary in terms of dimensions, scope, design, and price; your aim should be to choose a display that befits your space and from there you can have the booth modified to match your preferred business image.

Custom booths are used display booths that have been customized to fit the individual business’ needs. With custom booths you can effectively market a new product or service by ensuring you totally grab the attention of all the visitors on the show floor.

When you need to have the uniqueness that custom booths offer but at a much lesser expense then modular exhibits are a most viable option to consider. The term ‘modular’ means that the construction of these displays makes use of interchangeable components including back walls, exterior panels, display pedestals and counters. Modular exhibits are assembled using lightweight materials like Plexiglas and aluminium and this translates into lower shipping, storage, and space consumption costs. With modular exhibits you can effectively communicate your business’ image without forgoing its value.

Portable trade show displays are easy to set up and this can be done in multiple different ways. These displays feature a skeletal frame to which detachable parts like bridges, alcoves and counters can be affixed in countless styles making for a very versatile system. You can convert portable trade show displays into island or even tabletop show exhibits at will and with minimal effort.

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