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Know How Rubber Feet Can Save Machines from Long-Term Damage

by Steveharrison

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Rubber feet are small rubber parts that act as a protective component
between two machines or the machine and the floor. These components
play an undeniably important role in protecting the machine from the
ill-effects associated with vibration and constant movement. They are
typically manufactured using the plastic injection molding method. It’s
imperative that they’re made using the best plastics so as to provide
maximum protection to heavy machines, especially in the industrial

Simply stated, rubber feet (also known as rubber bumpers), are useful
in preventing damage resulting from bumping or vibrations. Another
common word for this component is bumper feet. Damage caused due to
vibration and related repairs can set one back by several hundreds of
dollars. Investing small amounts in rubber bumpers instead is a better
business decision.

If purchased from the right source, there are several advantages
presented by these small plastic components. Experts recommend the use
of bumpers made from Santoprene thermoplastic rubber. Users that invest
in substandard bumpers might also find that the bumpers leave behind
marks on the floor. Sometimes, these bumpers might also crack under the
weight of the machine, thus failing to prevent the machine from machine
or bumping-related damage.

Here are a few advantages of using the right type of bumpers::

  • They help reduce friction by acting as a barrier between the machine and the floor, as well as two or more objects.
  • Such bumpers act as an effective barrier, thus minimizing the effect of collisions, shaking, and so on.
  • They also help reduce shop noise by reducing the rattle effect seen
    in most machines that have been used for a considerable period of time.
  • Sometimes, even the smallest contact and vibrations can cause
    irreparable damage to various machines and objects. These situations are
    entirely avoidable by making use of the right rubber bumpers .
  • A user can expect several different advantages from a single
    component. These include but are not limited to impact absorption,
    cushioning, and protecting edges of machines.

While investing in these rubber components, it is very important to
ensure that they are made from the right type of materials. Investing in
sub-standard bumpers could cause significant losses in the long run.
Bumper feet are available in shapes such as round, square, or even
hexagonal. While most manufacturers offer bumpers in black and gray,
they can be custom ordered in several different colors too.

A custom order is best suited when you need rubber feet
in bulk. Placing a custom order for a small-volume order could turn out
to be a very expensive business decision. As a distributor or
industrial consumer, you could directly contact a manufacturing firm for
the best prices and quality.

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