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Graphic Design

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What is graphics?

The word graphics means everything on computers which is not in the form of text or sound. It is considered as a computer program or computer device that is capable of displaying, controlling, operating and manipulating pictures. The term graphics also refers to an image. Graphics helps in interactivity, understanding and interpreting many types of computer data. Some mostly used graphics applications are animation software’s, CAD software, paint program, illustration and design program. These applications require large and powerful CPU.

Graphic Design

Graphic designing is a process of visual communication which includes words, images and information which we convey to audience. In this we communicate with people and create designs which seem to be eye pleasing and able to get attention of others. In others words we can say that it is a solution to visual problem which we solve using graphical elements and text.

Graphic designing is a method in which we combine text with graphics and publicize our work through creative posters, logos, brochures, newsletters, signs, and any other type of visual communication. This course also helps in building our knowledge in color theory, art direction, branding promotion, typography, and printing media. We communicate our ideas through printing and digital presentations.

Designs must be made after understanding the targeted audience. Then only your designs will be successful. For this a graphic designer has to work hard to communicate or publicize their work.

Common forms of Graphic Designs

  • Logo
  • Posters
  • Billboards
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Greeting Cards / Marriage cards
  • Newspaper / newsletter designs
  • Product Packaging
  • Business Cards
  • T-shirts and apparel prints
  • Books and  Magazines Layouts
  • Internet Banners

These forms of visual communications are built using various graphics software available in market:

  • Adobe Illustrator – vector based illustration software used for creating logo, icons, flyers and business cards.
  • Adobe Photoshop – bitmap or raster software which work with pixels to manipulate any kind of image.
  • Adobe Indesign – multipage document, used for creating page layout.
  • CorelDraw or CorelDRAW – first vector graphic software helps in vector illustration, digital editing, page layout and web graphics.
  • QuarkXpress – used for desktop publishing and page layout software program. It is mostly used in newspapers, magazines and advertising agencies.

Elements of Graphic Designing

Graphic design process refers to arrangement of these elements:

  • Lines – with the use of lines we can separate and balance our text or content which we have put in our design. These are denoted as movement of direction as in arrows or diagonals lines.
  • Shapes – used for creating innovative patterns and layouts. Square, circles, rectangles, triangles are the basic shapes of graphic design
  • Color – use theme based color in your designs as colors help in changing look of a layout and feelings of a viewer. For example red color is a hot color, blue convey coolness or calm
  • Type or Typography – our aim is not only to put content or text in our design but used it effectively to convey meaning related to theme which we have selected.
  • Texture – it can be applied to background or surface of a design to give a good visual appearance. For desktop publishing actual texture is the feel of paper.
  • Illustration – pictures can be used in a design which can make or even break our good design. These are used to convey or support ideas and to tell stories.

Principles of good graphic design

A good design should be innovative, understandable, clean and attractive which able to get attention of viewer. A design depicts a designer’s ability and artistic skills.

  • A graphic designer should be able to balance color or use same color scheme consistently.
  • In a good design, all related content or text should be grouped together. This refers to proximity. This helps in making more space for other elements and the organizations will clearer. The important responsibility of a graphic designer is that he/she should be able to build logical sequence from start to end in a layout.
  • Items on the poster or any other media should be aligned with each other so that items should be visually connected to other items in a design. This will result in clear and sophisticated look of a design. Nothing should be placed arbitrarily as it can affect a good design.
  • Try to connect elements by repeating a common arrangement or composition that ties all the distinct parts together. You can repeat shapes, colors, fonts and spatial relationship as it helps in increasing visual unity.
  • Contrast - This concept means that if two items are not related or same try to make them different or unique which is an effective way to add visual interest of audience to your project.
  • Rule of third – The page should be divided into thirds vertically and/or horizontally. Place your important elements in those thirds.
  • Typography has played a major role in graphic design for years now. Use the same general style throughout. To create an attractive design it’s important to consider things which are related to typography such as like font sizes, line length and font choices.


Graphic designing refers to a process which focuses on visual communication and presentation. In the world of competitive market there are various graphic software’s available to create and combine symbols, text, images which help in good visual representation of messages and ideas. It is a process of art, technology and printing. The principles of   graphic design such as proximity, alignment, color balance and rhythm helps to combine various design elements into a composition. It is the responsibility of a graphic designer to make create a pleasant design that can attract the attention of the audience.


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