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5 Reasons to Give a Photobook

by anonymous

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With people settling to keeping and sharing photos digitally, less and less are printing pictures for keepsake. Why bother? There’s a rather simple answer for that – bother because it matters. A photo on screen may satisfy you visually. But a photo in paper that wrinkles and fades with time is visible, tangible, and even absorbs the scent of your granny’s cheap perfume so you may have something to remember her by – visual, tactile, and olfactory memories – long after she’s gone.


A photo books online photo books online is, as the name implies, a book of photos. And in this highly technological world, it may seem old-fashioned to give a photobook. But it’s not. A photobook is a gift that withstands the test of time unlike your gadget that becomes outdated in a year or your trusted online photo album site that will inevitably lose traffic one of these days and disappear with your memories. So we suggest you order a photobook, wrap it up, and give the gift of simple pleasure for even simpler reasons:


1.They tied the knot.Your best friends got married after 10 years of dating and romance. Having witnessed the ups and downs of their love story, write them their story through a photobook. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.


2.Sweet sixteen today. It’s that birthday when every teenager dreams of getting a car key for a present. But you just don’t have the budget for it. Put happiness back to the party by giving a low-cost yet highly personalized photobook that reflects love and thoughtfulness which cannot be shaken by a lousy economy.


3.They survived another year of marriage. Keeping up with a married life is a sport. You practice daily but still get exhausted physically and emotionally with every round. A wedding anniversary is a high time to celebrate with a photobook of smiles that reminds a couple why they’re married to each other.


4.It’s positive. That pregnancy test result every couple yearns for brings immeasurable happiness to an entire clan. Celebrate life – the biggest miracle this world has ever known – with a gift of photobook in a baby shower.


5.The tassel’s worth the hassle. Graduation means success in academic goals. The ceremony may only last an hour or two, but the time and effort invested to be a part of that list of graduates is a book’s length of memories.


Every occasion is a chance to make memories. Celebrate special days by reliving the moments that got you there. So the next time you attend a party, give the gift of photobook. When it’s torn open, get your camera ready to capture happiness at its finest – priceless!

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