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Try this at Home: Homemade Casting Reels

by francescaslone

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Stereoscopy is one of the more interesting aspects of photography. Coming from Greek terms that pertain to seeing something solid, stereoscopy entails joining two pictures that look almost exactly the same together. Using a special viewing device, these can create a special 3D image.

To look at these images continuously, however, you must make your very own fun casting reels. These are small cardboard discs that are 90 millimeters in diameter, with the external diameter from end to end of a set of photos at 77mm and the interior diameter at 53.5 mm. The sprocket eyes for the lever are angled at 51 degrees and 26 minutes away from each other. The box for every image is 10.5 mm by 10.5 mm.

Using a standard film camera, take a normal shot of a certain subject. Do this again, only this time, set the camera three inches either to your left or right. This is necessary since your eyes are roughly set the same space apart. The stereoscopic result will not be possible if the images you took are further apart. Have an image developer process the film as a strip of unmounted slides.

You can also do this process when using a digital slr; take note of the photographs and load them in a photo-editing software program by placing them side-by-side using a photo-editing software. Once you have done this, copy-paste each photo and position them over the corresponding original image. Adjust the color level of image layers, so that one looks red, and the other, cyan. Line up all three so that they are almost on top of each other|Set the layers in a manner that they are almost on top of each other}-- You can do this easily the classic anaglyph 3D glasses.

Although such images may be compiled using various reel maker programs, it can be assembled the classic way, using View Master equipment. If you photographed your subjects using the classic Personal or the MKII cameras, use a View Master film cutter on the pictures and construct them in pairs on a finger cot, making sure not to smudge them. An inserter will be used to put the images into the reels. Test the reel on a viewer to see if all images are aligned perfectly.

Putting together 3D reels of your own can give hours of fun. In some cases, complete sets of reels can be constructed in such a way that you view the images just like watching a movie. For more information, check out:

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