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Why Buy Diamonds When You Can Buy Cubic Zirconia?

by hopechestjewelry

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Everyone loves the look of sparkling diamonds, but not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on one small piece of diamond jewelry. But is there a better way? Yes! Through retailers like, customers can have it all: brilliant diamond-look fashion CZ jewelry at a fraction of the high cost of diamonds.

And the best part about cubic zirconia jewelry is that you can buy bigger, better pieces than if you were to purchase a diamond. Spending a few thousand dollars on a diamond will result in either a flawed, low-quality diamond or a very small diamond. But spending no more than what you would on a casual dinner out will get you the jewelry of your dreams: big, flashy, and flawless.

Cubic zirconia is very misunderstood, thanks to marketing by diamond retailers. They would have you believe that CZ is somehow second rate. And while some CZ retailers sell low-quality merchandise, sells only the highest quality cubic zirconia jewelry. Yes, there is a difference! And it’s easy to pick out the poor quality when you hold it against the brilliant sparkle and flawless design of Hope Chest’s CZ jewelry. Your friends will only know you’re wearing cubic zirconia if you tell them.

With CZ jewelry, you can afford to change up your style frequently. If you purchase diamonds, you may only be able to purchase a new piece of jewelry every five to 10 years. But with cubic zirconia jewelry, you can afford new CZ earrings, bracelets, and necklaces whenever the urge strikes. Imagine being the envy of your friends whenever you walk into the room wearing a new piece of CZ jewelry.

Cubic zirconia rings are the most popular pieces of jewelry that Hope Chest Jewelry offers, and it’s no wonder. They’re gorgeous, unique, and come in styles to suit every taste. Cocktail rings—rings with large center stones—are all the rage today. You can choose CZ rings that are trillion cut, pear-shaped, princess cut, cushion cut—all of the shapes that mirror diamond cuts. Select classic white or make a stunning color choice, such as champagne, yellow, pink, aquamarine, and many more.

Choosing cubic zirconia for your bridal rings is another great option. You get the best of both worlds—stunning jewelry to show off and a price that doesn’t break the bank for the rest of your wedding. Many brides today want a matching engagement ring and wedding band, and there are plenty of styles to browse. You can opt for a wide assortment of stone shapes and CZ accents, white or colored center stone, and a setting of yellow or silver tone. And today’s CZ rings are available in ultra-modern styles, as well as antique-inspired rings.

Three-stone CZ rings are popular with brides and as a “right-hand ring” fashion statements. It can serve as a “past-present-future” ring when given by someone special or simply as a gorgeous statement of style. Three-stone rings simulate the look not only of diamonds, but of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and other stones. And just like the diamond-look stones, the selection of colored stones at is the highest quality, most flawless CZ jewelry you’ll find anywhere.

Cubic zirconia is also the perfect choice for those in the market for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. You really can afford the latest, hottest trends in jewelry when you choose high-quality, affordable cubic zirconia.

For more information on CZ jewelry and cubic zirconia, visit Hope Chest Jewelry at

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