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Effectively protecting proprietary information from your riv

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The prospect of some of your company's confidential documents ending up in the hands of your rivals is enough reason for sleepless nights. As you work hard to innovate and design new cutting-edge products, there are people out there who are not particularly enamored of hard work. Instead of burning the midnight oil in search of new technology or business solutions like honest businessmen do, they prefer to steal other people's innovations and run with them. There are indeed lots of people who've made millions at the expense of innovators who spent hours working on new products. Modern information technology has certainly made information sharing within companies very easy but therein also lays a considerable risk or danger; employees can very easily leak some of your proprietary information to people outside your company.


Copyright protection is critical for safeguarding your company's innovations. However, copyright protection is insufficient as a means of protection because people can still steal information from you. Besides, copyright protection requires input from law enforcement agencies, and as we all know, many a legal system doesn't excel at enforcing copyright protection to the letter. What you need therefore is a data leakage prevention mechanism that will preemptively stop any unauthorized access to and transmission of confidential information.


If you shop around you will find very impressive data leakage prevention tools that you can employ to protect your data. For instance, you can install software that only allows people who have a particular security clearance to access certain files. You will thus manage to control access to critical information.


Nevertheless, effective data leakage prevention should go further than merely restricting access to specific individuals; it is prudent to control what these individuals can do with the data. You can never quite rule out the possibility of a trusted employee leaking some of your data to outsiders and so you must retain absolute control over all your data. Fortunately there are tools that can help you do so.


A good example of these is a software program that is designed to automatically destroy a document after a certain period of time elapses. By giving a crucial document a very short lifespan after which it self-destructs you can highly reduce the chances of anyone putting it to any use other than its intended purpose. In addition, we have data leakage prevention software that prevents anyone from printing, copying or transferring documents. This ensures that a document's contents can only be read on a screen and that they can neither be manipulated or used in any other way.


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