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Increasing Crime Levels raise the need for Fencing Services

by Fenceforce

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According to a New Zealand Herald article on April 3 2012, Auckland had seen a 7% increase in overall crime in the preceding year, with some suburbs seeing an 11% increase.  That is just the increase in one year, and the figures were bad to begin with!  Much of that increased crime was reported to be “robberies, theft, property damage, and public disorder”.

With that increase in crime likely to increase as people face a tough economy, it is now more important that ever to ensure that you take sensible precautions to protect your family and valuable property.  Many of the crimes are opportunistic and by making it more difficult for thieves, you may well persuade them to look for an easier target!

One simple way to prevent crime on your property is to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing the property in the first place.  A well designed and constructed fence and gate are important steps in preventing that access.  The fence may be constructed to a height which is difficult to scale, and you may wish to have a lockable gate which allows you to enter but ensures others can excluded.

In addition to improving your security, a good fence and gate may also improve the look and value of your property, offsetting any initial costs.

In Auckland, there are many fencing companies and agencies that you can contact, but it is important to ensure you deal with an experienced builder, with the necessary qualifications and licences, and who specialises in fencing.  Always look for a builder who is a “Licensed Building Professional” or “LBP” when doing fences in Auckland.

Types of fences and gates to consider include timber fences and timber gates, metal fences and metal gates, metal security fencing or temporary fencing. There are also specially designed fences suitable for swimming pools.

If you are interested in installing a fence in your home in Auckland, make sure that you analyse your requirements properly before selecting a fence. Because there are many different options to consider, and the best fence for a property will depend on a number of different factors, you may wish to consult with a fencing expert at the outset.  Some of the better and specialized fencing companies in Auckland offer a no-obligation free consultation and quote service which may help you choose the best fence and avoid the stress of trying to do it all yourself (and could also help you save money in the process!).

About the Author:

Paul Turner is the owner of Fence Force, which is an Auckland-based fencing and property-improvement business operated by Force Group Limited. For Auckland fencing and gates in Auckland, Fence Force is the one stop destination. They are operated by highly experienced and qualified professional builders, with all work supervised by a Licensed Building Practitioner, so you have confidence you'll not only get a great looking result, but also one that lasts!

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