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How a Reprap 3D printer kit can open up a new world of possi

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The reproductive processes of living things, animals and plants alike, are among the greatest mysteries of the universe. An offspring is born in likeness to its parents and it gradually gains the ability to produce offspring of its own and of a similar nature. In a way therefore, animals and plants are able to replicate themselves in exactness and to transfer this ability to their new offspring indefinitely. It is therefore quite mind-boggling to have a machine that has a similar capability i.e. the ability to copy itself and to transfer this ability to the new replica. 3D printing is able to do exactly that, and with a simple Reprap 3D printer kit you can now open up a new world of possibilities.

Reprap has gained phenomenal popularity among the 3D printing open source community. Reprap stands for Replicating Rapid-Prototyper, a brainchild project of Adrian Bowyer. While a student at the University of Bath, Bowyer conceptualized the vision of having a machine that can produce a functioning copy of itself using a freely shared software. Since then, many RepRap machines have been manufactured but the Reprap 3D printer is perhaps this project's biggest success. The Reprap 3D printer kitprovides the software and parts that you can use to assemble a functioning 3D printer at home or at work as a Do It Yourself (DIY) project.

Theidea behind thisprinter kitis rather simple and straightforward but its potential is of immense significance. This is so because a Reprap 3D printer works just like an ordinary 2D desktop printer, with the only difference being that the 3D printer uses plastic instead of ink. The Reprap 3D Printer is itself made of plastic and as such it can print out its plastic parts if programmed to do so. These parts and their assemblage are referred to as the kit. Put simply, the printer is able to replicate itself (self-replicate) by producing another Reprap 3D printer kit.

Anyone can then assemble this kit into a functional Reprap 3D printer. Not only can you print numerous other objects besides a printer, you can also easily print several 3D printers for your friends and relatives. You only need to buy a single object to start replicating, or even secure the software from any open source whereupon you can replicate as many times as you wish. The idea behind Reprap is making design, architecture and manufacturing simple and cheaper, and thus available to everyone. Since Reprap introduced the pioneer low-cost 3D printer, the Reprap 3D printer kit and the subsequentopen-source 3D printer revolution have greatly personified the limitless possibilities of modern technology.

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