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Benefits of Paperless Hiring

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Companies who use paperless hiring tools in order to recruit and hire new employees are able to provide a more efficient solution to outdated methods of paper filing, but also decreases the impact made on the environment. In a culture that is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, this is not only good for the ecology of the planet, but also good for the image of your business brand – especially if you operate a retail restaurant or food service company that caters to the public.

From the beginning of the paperless hiring process to the status of full employment, there is now no reason to use paper. Everything that you do can be stores online, as well as accessed far more easily.

As you know, the federal government requires employers in the United States to employ only those applicants who are legally allowed to work here. Management software for paperless hiring can implement E-verify technology to make sure that every applicant you consider for a position is legally eligible to work for you.

Applicant applications for employment may all be filled out online, as well as various employment psychological tests, skills tests and other screening tools. Background screening and tracking may also be conducted from software specifically designed for that purpose.

As part of the interview process, if you intend to hire an applicant you will need them to fill out and supply federal W-4 forms as well as supply I-9 forms. Management software can also allow your potential applicants to fill this out online for your records. The same is true of state tax forms, tax credit forms and other signed documents. Enrollment for direct deposit rather than being paid a paper check may also be implemented at the time of hire, or within a period of days thereafter.

Paperless hiring stores all the necessary information regarding every employee in a single database online, and in the process saves reams of paper. This shows wise management of natural resources as well as an improved impact on local ecology and global environmental impact. Businesses that use paperless hiring software often advertise the fact and make their “green” position a positive attribute of their brand, drawing customer loyalty from people who care about and identify with environmental issues.

Moreover, the process of paperless hiring is more convenient than traditional methods, both in terms of the process as well as storage. It is easier to retrieve and keep online records than it is to keep sheets of paper in a folder, filed away in a cabinet system. is an Austin-based online software resource for labor management in the restaurant and hospitality industries. We provide efficient and powerful restaurant management software and online tools, such as paperless hiring, to make food labor management more efficient, easier and profitable. The benefits for both employers and employees are numerous. Visit us online for more information at or contact our sales department at 877-539-5156.

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