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New Year Resolution: Continue to Live the Life of Sobriety


Walking down the lane of addiction is tough, but tougher is the path to recovery and detoxification. Now that you have already been on both the tough and tougher path, it is important to be determined, so that you don’t have to suffer again. New Year is the time when everyone wants to celebrate and enjoy the parties, which is the reason why it is tough and stressful for many recovering alcoholics and drug abusers. How do I party without a few drinks you may ask? Honestly, there are lots of other creative and innovative ways to usher in the New Year other than spoiling your health with alcohol consumption which will leave you with a hangover, not to mention the retracing of steps on the path to detoxification.


For a change, this New Year let the resolution be towards living a life of sobriety at Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center in Florida. Avoid the temptation to have one last big blast before going back to the life of sobriety this New Year, because this is something that has led many to the depths of addiction all over once again.


This New Year let your resolution be to stay sober. Avoid using negative words like, ‘I am so sad because I won’t be able to drink’, or ‘I will miss out partying’, because they will bring in a gloomy mood along with them. Instead use positive words to rephrase the same sentences to make a better resolution. Let your wonderful resolution for this New Year be “This new year I promise to free myself from the clutches of addiction and gain total control over my life”.


Some tips to help you maintain sobriety in the time of celebration are:


  • Never be in place where you will be cut off from your sponsor.


  • Avoid parties that are organized for the sole purpose of drinking and smoking in groups.


  • Keep away from people who think ‘One peg is not going to kill you, give me company’.


  • Make friends who do not enjoy drinks and drugs


  • If you find the temptation creeping in, recall the times of suffering you had during addiction and detoxification.


  • Keep yourself busy and engaged, as boredom is known to trigger craving.


  • Eat good and healthy food, get enough sleep and stay in the company of sober friends.


  • Do not hesitate to call your sponsor and talk if you face any kind of problem or feel the urge to drink.


  • Finally, in case you do give in and have a sip, do not accept the defeat, which may lead to relapse. Regain control over your urge to drink.


Getting back the life and hope you had lost is not a quick fix program; rather it is a lifelong process. It is understandable how tough it can be to stay sober when everyone around you is happy being drunk, but nothing good comes to people without dedication and hard work we make you understand this with Family Treatment Center. Welcome the New Year with open mind and the satisfaction of having done the right thing.

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