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India Bike Week 2013 – Bikers paradise

by PreetiJagwani

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Biking is a something that guys are very passionate about. India Bike Week 2013 will be one of the biggest bike festivals this country will ever see.

India has its own bike clubs that are quite famous. Two of the most famous bike clubs in India are Inddiethumpers and Bull Riders. Both these clubs belong to the Royal Enfield vintage bikers. The Inddiethumpers and Bull Riders are two of the craziest biker clubs in India. A whole bunch of these bikers travel to all parts of the country on their Royal Enfields. They have gone to places like Ladakh, Chennai and many more. The beauty of biking is the pure thrill of it. Friends, bikes, good food, alcohol and a whole lot of riding. All around the world there exists some amazing motorcycle clans. Harley Davidson owners have their own biking clans that ride around the country. A biker has a certain attitude that sets him/her apart from the rest. Tattoos, rock music, long hair (most times) are characteristics of a biker in general. And the feeling of being a biker is truly a grand feeling.

Biking is something most guys are interested in when they hit college. The thrill of riding cross-country and traveling to other places is an awesome feeling. Once a biker always a biker. The passion for biking never goes down. In fact there are more and more people who join these biker clubs every year. The fun and frolic does not stop at these clubs. Its party party party all the way. The bike gangs all around the world and in India does not only comprise men. They also comprise quite a few women who are equally passionate about bikes and riding.

The India Bike Week 2013 is the most important motorbike festival in country and is taking place at Goa on the 2nd and 3rd of February.

The Inddiethumpers organize a Rider Mania every year where the Royal Enfield bikers tour to different parts of the country. A wholesome ride with so many riders traveling in packs is an amazing feeling.

The India Bike Week is happening in February 2013 and is one of the most anticipated festivals in the country. Bikers are raring to go and enjoy this festival. There are some incredible things that are going to happen at India Bike Week. For avid bikers there are renowned mechanics who will pamper their bikes with utmost care. There is a biker's gym to flex your muscles. There are mixed martial arts and boxing demos. The best part about India Bike Week is that it features three stages with different genres of music playing on each stage. On one stage there are live bands that will perform. The second stage will feature chilled out acoustic band jams and sessions. The third stage will feature Electronic Dance Music. Another splendid part of the India Bike Week is the showcasing of some brilliant and vintage motorcycles. Bands like Pentagram and Sky Rabbit are performing at the festival that takes this festival to a whole new level.