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Features of a Good Tennis Ball Machine

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If a player thinks of improving his gaming skills, the first thing he does is to invest in a good tennis ball machine. So that you don’t end up buying something which you are not entirely satisfied with, it is important you perform a little bit of research before buying the tennis ball machines. Here we shall discuss some of the considerations that you must keep in mind while making a purchase.

• Ask about the total number of balls it can accommodate. This will help you know about the capacity. Tennis ball machines that come with higher capacity, saves your effort of feeding them every time it gets empty. Most of the good machines can handle 100-200 balls at one time.

• Enquire about the oscillation capabilities of the tennis ball machines. Oscillation capabilities refer to the random ability to launch balls. Good machines come with adjustable oscillation settings. You can set it in one particular direction while practising a shot. You can also set it to shoot randomly to enjoy the feel of a realistic game.

• The feed rate is an important feature that you must check while buying tennis ball machines. Feed rate refers to the rate at which balls are launched in a direction. This also comes with adjustable features. An average machine shoots at the rate of two to twelve seconds. This gives you a choice between how you regulate your game and between what you want.

• The spin is another important feature that you should look at. Advanced machines come with different spinning capabilities. You can topspin or backspin balls depending on your requirements.
• You must also note the trajectory that the tennis ball machines can launch balls. Make sure the trajectory varies. Good tennis ball machines must launch balls at low shots or high lobs. This helps in stimulating the real game. You also gain from the practice session with the tennis ball machine.

• Take the power of tennis ball machines into consideration as well. Choose the ones that come with an internal battery. Tennis ball machines that are power driven may not serve much useful purpose in reality. As it might be difficult for you to get a point to keep your machine connected in the tennis court, it is better to opt for the machines run on battery.

These are some of the basic considerations that you need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right tennis ball machine for your practice. You can look online for the different makes and brands and compare features between the different models. Taking into consideration your available space in the backyard, skill levels will also help you to arrive at the right decision while making a purchase. A tennis ball machine will become your friend, philosopher and guide on the tennis court, as you won’t have to wait for another partner to accompany you during the practice sessions.


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