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Incontinence Surgical procedures - What To Question?

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Incontinence is a term used for explaining the inability to control the normal processes of defection or urination. Different treatment options are available for this state inclusive of behavioral and physical therapy. For some women, incontinence surgery is recommended by health care providers even though other treatment options are available. However, before accepting for the surgery, the patients should get clear explanation from their health care provider about the reason for the surgery and the likelihood of success as well. Some of the other questions to be asked as discussed in the following paragraph:

Questions regarding need for operation: Generally, most of the doctors will be recommending for surgical procedure only when the medications and behavioral changes do not show any good results. So, patients can ask why their health care provider is recommending for surgery when different treatment options are available. This is because even when other conditions like anal sphincter damage or rectal prolapse are present in women due to childbirth, incontinence surgery would be the only option for getting out of this condition.

Questions pertaining to potential procedures: Once the requirement of surgery is known, it is better to ask whether they are going to do transvaginal tape surgery or any other procedure. Also, it would be wise to ensure why this particular surgery is being conducted so that detailed information about the health condition can be known.

Questions about preparing for the operation: Once a particular surgery like Transvaginal tape is selected, it is better to ask about the preparations to be made before the operation. This includes usage of certain medications, temporary stopping of medicines taken for other conditions, temporary fasting, etc… Also, do not forget to enquire about stay in hospital and the time that will be taken for operation.

Questions about recovery and operation: Also, the patient should ask about what to expect during the surgery and after it (i.e.) about the period of recovery. Here, some important points like surgical discomfort and anesthesia should be discussed. It is also safe to enquire about the pain to be expected after the operation and how long will it take to recover from the post-operative pains and discomforts.

Further details regarding the benefits of the procedure, chances of side-effects and will there be any negative effects should also be asked. Also, it is better to ask whether the effects of the operation will be permanent or if any further follow-ups and treatments are needed.

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