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Relevant Assistance from Vancouver HVAC

by darryliorio

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Driving your auto 100,000 miles without oil change and major maintenance tasks may be a crazy idea. The same reasoning concerns your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Regular maintenance--specifically in the seaside seaport city of Vancouver, which is among the warmer and more humid places of Canada--assures trouble-free operation and maximum efficiency, and increases the service life of your system.

Proper HVAC maintenance needs specific attention on evaporator and condenser coils. Exposed to unfiltered outside air, the coils go through considerable degradation as a result of dirt and microbial growth. Mold and bacteria that accumulate on these coils induce gradual damage to the system and pose health dangers. Vancouver HVAC maintenance contractors suggest in depth cleaning of the evaporator and condenser coils twice a year to keep your system and your residence hygienic.

Evaporator coils are constantly subjected to wetness from the Vancouver air and are therefore susceptible to bacterial and mold overgrowth. In addition to the steady wetness, the supply side of the coil is subjected to the dampness that carries nutrient-rich dirt on which mold and bacteria grow. Bacterial metabolism develops a sticky waste in the form of a biofilm that snares dirt bits. Some molds produce long branches of fungal material, named hyphae, which glue the dirty mass together.

To eliminate microbial overgrowth from metal surfaces, an excellent cleaning solution with an ample dwell time is required. It may be appealing to utilize a very acidic or caustic cleaner to get rid of these stubborn masses. Avoid aggressive cleaners, as they can damage metal surfaces and leave deposits that can pollute indoor air. Such damage ranges from the pitting of surfaces that interferes with the movement of condensate to the steady structural degeneration of system components.

Use specifically made coil cleaners to deal with the particulates that hold biofilms together. After a number of cleansing sessions, you will observe that the evaporator and condenser coils in your HVAC system are entirely devoid of any microbial or mold overgrowth. When they have at last stopped from coming back, you can return to making use of a regular coil cleaner to rid your HVAC system of dirt during routine tidying.

Keeping your HVAC coils in spotless condition delivers double perks. It prolongs the life of your system and wards off disease. To understand more relating to effective maintenance of HVAC systems and home heat pumps in Vancouver, log on to

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