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Tips To Create Landing Page Design

by PaulAngella

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If there’s one place where the rule of “Don’t judge a book by its cover” DOES NOT apply, it’s on the internet. When trying to draw users to your website, and keep them there, you have to understand that the first impression that you make is nearly all that matters, which is why you have to make every effort to perfect it. Here are the most important tips that you’ll need to consider to get that lasting first impression through your landing page:

  • Considering that most users will decide whether they want to stay or move within less than ten seconds, you need to ensure that you get your point across in that crucial time.
  • Make sure that the content on your landing page is genuine, crisp, and informative. Don’t make any high-sounding claims, don’t use huge blocks of text (no one’s going to read them anyway), use bullets and taglines whenever possible, and highlight your USP, to let them know why they should choose you.
  • Even though all the content in your website needs to be proofread, this becomes more crucial than ever on your landing page. Even the smallest grammatical error can spell disaster for a first time user, instantly putting a question mark on your authenticity.
  • Keep the tone on your landing page friendly and conversational, as opposed to too formal.
  • Calls to action can work like magic if you place them smartly and strategically on your landing page- make the most of them!
  • Make sure you deliver what brought the user to your website. Keep the message that was delivered through ads or links consistent on the landing page content of your website.
  • Simple is always better than complex when it comes to landing page content.
  • Use strong, yet visually-appealing color contrasts between the landing page background and the call to action buttons.
  • Keep the design of your landing page focused on guiding the user through to your call to action. Make it easy to navigate through.
  • Placing a progress bar for conversions on your landing page is a good idea, to keep users involved.
  • Ensure that your landing page loads super fast. No one has the time to wait!
  • Keep the registration form as short as possible.
  • Add social widgets to let your users know that you are socially active.
  • A picture speaks a thousand words- choose the perfect images for your landing page, and you’ll be amazed at what a deep impact it can have!

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