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Proportional Hydraulic Crane Remote Control Systems

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Proportional Hydraulic Crane Remote Control Systems are developed to improve job site safety by providing the operator the safest vantage point for effective control of the crane. This single-man control remote control technology eliminates the need for a second person stabilizing the load while guiding its placement. The operator has freedom to move around the work area while setting the load precisely into position.

Handheld Transmitter:

• All the handheld transmitters used in the crane remote control systems are available with up to twelve crane control buttons as specified by customer.

• The rechargeable transmitter used in these hydraulic remotes can deliver 30 hrs of continuous use between charges. The charger is supplied by the manufacturers.

• An optional 'Enable' button is also available that requires two deliberate steps before signal is sent. This signal is known as enable plus command signal.

Equipment Mounted Receiver Control Unit:

• Equipment mounted receiver unit is available up to twelve pre-programmed high-side outputs available

• All the outputs can be selectively interlocked to other operations for safety reasons

• An optional external antenna extends range from 100ft up to 2000ft

• Interface to OEM crane controls can be simplified with factory installed, direct-plug connectors or through J1939 serial communication (other protocols available)

• Modular components and external set-up button allow for easy installation and field replacement

Proportional Hydraulic crane remote control systems are mainly designed for safety applications. Innovative design, robustness, and reliability of the products have always been the hallmark of these modern radio remote control service cranes. They are widely popular among the users and some of the modern application includes: industrial overhead cranes, truck mounted and construction cranes etc.

Transmitter Specifications: The transmitter of the service carne remote control systems is really powerful. The transmitters are available with a frequency range of 902-928 MHz FHSS and additional 433.92, 869.7 and 2.4GHz frequencies are also available. The transmitter can work with the 56 bit DES encryption key transmission method of transmission. An internal 'on card' PCB mount antenna is also available with a normal transmitting range of 500 feet. However, the operator can enjoy up to 2000ft operating range with external antenna.

The transmitter unit is constructed in a water and impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure in order to ensure the durability. Transmitters of the proportional hydraulic service cranes can work with the temperature specifications of minus 20 F to 185 F. Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is used as a main power supply which is included with 12/24VDC charger. Once recharged the batteries are able to provide 30 hours continuous use. Audible low battery warning and flashing low battery indicator is also available. The whole transmitting section comes with the intrinsically safe handheld units.

Receiver Specifications: The receiver unit is constructed in a water resistant, impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure. You can mount it externally on crane. All the wiring connections are pre-wired to meet OEM requirements and quick connect fittings are also supplied. 12/24VDC batteries are used as a main power supply and optional 120VAC systems are also available.

BASE Engineering designs excellent crane remote control systems for different engineering and commercial purposes.  Since 1996 over 50,000 BASEsystems have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. As a result of this design effort we have the confidence to offer a four year, no hassle, and replacement warranty on every product we manufacture. Radio remote control technology, in our hand, has moved into the next level.

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