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What to Look For In a Commercial Rental Property

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While renting Commercial Office Spaces on Rent, you have to think of many things in the bargain. And today we would like to tell you what you can expect from office spaces and how to make your search results do wonders for you as well.

But this is a task that can be very boring and cumbersome, especially if you have no idea about the real estate market and if this is your first time that too.

It is important that you make price comparisons for rentals and commercial spaces, because the things they offer would differ from one commercial entity to another. Hence make a checklist for the same and then research which one would be the most important for you at the moment when checking for commercial property in Delhi.

  1. Check your pockets and know how much rent you can afford every month. Stick to this commitment and then make your choice.
  2. The location where you choose commercial rental property should also play a great role. Outskirts such as NCR would be cheaper than west, east and South Delhi. And also check the utility services and other needs around, such as parking, transport systems etc.
  3. Talking about transportation systems, how soon could you reach your destination and how close would be the transport zones. If you have clients visiting or staff travelling to your office daily, would they find your office easily or would they need to break journey?
  4. Does the commercial space have adequate car parking facilities? If you or the client needs to park and if there are free or charged parking areas, would you be comfortable with the latter option. Also think about this from the client’s point of view. Clients will expect it to be free, so ensure that as well.
  5. What other things and facilities on the site would you want as value add on’s? Meeting rooms at the commercial space for example, catering facilities or even refreshment zones. Telephone liens dedicated broadband lines, fax etc and yes, what about reception and security?
  6. Are you looking for an office which is fully serviced? Compare prices and check for this as well. Rentals that are fully serviced would be inclusive of heating, cleaning and maintenance too, bringing your costs per month on rents down.
  7. What about the contract and how long would it be signed for? Small Office Spaces for Rent can be upgraded as and when the need would be, and if a downgrade is needed for a big commercial space that can be done too.
  8. What about the ventilation of the office space, is it airy and light? Radiators and air conditioners are they there and is it important to have them around. Think from the point of view of employees working there round the clock.

And we hope you get in touch with us for further consultations on Small Office Spaces for Rent as well, just in case this is your first time in the real estate market.


We hope these tips work when you look for commercial spaces for rent and come in handy to you while you get office spaces for rent.

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