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Minor Things That Can Spoil Entire Photography Website

by pixpadesign

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Photography website designing has gained immense importance these days. You can use these websites to showcase your skills or to build an online portfolio. However, a lot of users are not aware of the mistakes that they may make while designing their websites. Why are these few mistakes so important to be discussed? Well, there are certain errors that may spoil the whole photography website! Now the good thing is that you can easily avoid these website spoilers. In this article, we are going to mention a few mistakes that you can learn to easily avoid.

1. First & Foremost, The Title: Your page title must not be very long because the search engines wouldn’t bother with you if you are giving them long titles! So, keep the title concise and to the point. However, the title must always be reflective of the overall theme of your website, as this is the very thing that is going to give your possible visitors the general idea about your website. So, as a general rule keep it under 70 characters.

2. Avoid Long Meta Descriptions! Writing descriptions longer than 150 words may actually give you a negative rating in search engines. If you are writing long descriptions, search engines won’t bother showing them in the search query.

3. Choosing the Keywords Carefully: You must pick your keywords realistically, as this will help the users search for your website. In other words, by choosing the right keywords you increase the chances of being “seen” on a search engine.

4. Have you inserted a search box? Well website is more like a condensed form of information and you must have the search box feature so the user can quickly run a search query.

5. Avoid the Bizarre! There are some websites that have picked most unusual font styles, and thus, makes it difficult for the readers to understand the content. When you use a website font, you must keep it reader friendly so the users may understand and connect to the information that your website offers. Also, be careful about font color and font size.

6. Organize the Content! You must always present the website content in an organized manner so the users understand what you want to communicate. Nobody will dedicate time to navigate a disorganized mess. So, be sure that you utilize a bit of organization; make use of bold, italicized or underlined text options; you may also use different heading levels and paragraphs or bullet styles. Do whatever is necessary to captivate your possible visitors.

7. Don’t be Over-Creative! Well, sometimes simplicity sounds like the best policy. There are few designers who become too passionate and may have different designs for every page! This spoils the overall homogeneity and may give an irritating feeling to the user. So, keep your website template consistent.

8. Avoid Complex Registration Process: Nobody likes going through the ordeal of filling up complicated forms. So, be sure to keep it as simple and pleasant as is possible.

9. Keep Away the Clutter: As emphasized earlier, keeping things simple may be the most fruitful thing you can do for yourself and your website. Do not just dump each and every thing! Take some time to organize, keep some small white spaces that may give a neat look to your website.

Although, creating a photography website is a huge demanding task, you may find it a little less complicated once you follow the above listed points.

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