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Cloud computing - A Giant Leap in the Sector of Web Hosting

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What is more amazing than accessing the Internet? Getting to meet your friends, managing your financial catalogue, maintaining your business and doing every sort of thing from anywhere with any kind of device like mobiles, tabs, etc., which can be connected to the internet other than PC. And all this is possible only due to cloud computing. It has enabled technology to take a giant leap and has filled the void in the communication system. Cloud computing providers in India have outgrown the traditional computing providers as they are finding it hard to sustain against a kind of service, which provides a chain of features and advantages that are very exclusive.

Cloud computing is about maintaining application and data through the central remote servers and delivering them as services over a network. It doesn’t require the setting up of a physical server rather creates a virtual server dedicated to a single user. Cloud computing in India is in a developing stage. Many Indian SMEs and MSMEs are freely adopting cloud computing technology. What they find attractive in this type of computing service is the exemption from the cost of investing in a physical server. Moreover, they only have to pay according to their usage.

Although cloud computing in India is in its evolving stage, many consumers find the plan of virtual server as naïve and absurd. They are suspicious that the security propositions used in it aren’t strong enough to deal with malware and viruses. Well, they have all the reasons to worry. And to justify the authenticity of cloud computing, I must say that it is not any alien technology but just another face of the Internet whose form is different but behaves in the same way like others, but in a more convenient manner.

Companies that use traditional models have physical servers, and they have to depend upon a lot of factors to ensure an effective communication. There will be people employed to look after its installation, maintenance, and security. In fact, it is a challenging task to keep your hardware and software running for the whole time. All these require many skilled human resources and investment. And even after all of this, Quality may not be insured. For instance, the applications will not be of the same quality, what you have thought of. So, you need to stop, think, and decide whether all these are worth your investment or not. If the outcome is not fruitful, then it’s time you should switch.

 Cloud computing lets you relax and with just a click; you can update, install and work with utmost ease. Best quality applications are provided by cloud computing providers in India. They are cheap and long lasting. You can also customize them to increase their efficiency and use it as per your needs.

Finally, if there is something to mention about cloud computing in India, then that is its optimism and compatibility, which let users experience a whole new hassle-free and affordable approach for their hosting needs. The idea is flourishing in India and is statistically expected to be a billion-dollar industry in India by 2015.


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