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Soap, Bath and Shower Products - US

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The U.S. market for soap, bath, and shower products was significantly impacted by the slow economic recovery, which caused declines in 2010 and allowed for only modest growth in 2011 as users traded down to less expensive products or made their existing products last longer. Still, growth is moderately driven by demand for products that provide extra moisturization, as well as fragranced products and antibacterial offerings. Growing demand among men for male-specific personal care brands, which the market continues to meet, has also helped drive sales. Additionally, as Hispanics are significant users of soap and shower products, growth in Hispanic population and spending power should also help drive sales in the coming years. This report features in-depth examination of these factors, as well as close analysis of the following:

Competition from outside products that threaten sales of soap and bath products, including skincare moisturizers
How body wash products came to be the top segment in the market, and how Unilevers Axe brand has capitalized on the move away from bar soaps
The role of grocery stores and mass merchandisers that feature grocery departments in making soap and bath products shopping more convenient
Marketing initiatives from the leading body wash brands
Innovations in the market that have helped prevent sales declines during a period of economic uncertainty

Scope and Themes

What you need to know
Data sources
Sales data
Consumer survey data
Advertising creative
Abbreviations and terms
Executive Summary

Market at a glance
Body wash tops segments; bar soaps trail
Unilever leads among four major players
Supermarkets are convenient, but other channels combine for higher sales
Marketing initiatives for body wash target mostly young men
Most respondents use bar as well as liquid soaps
Dove is used most, but brand loyalty is somewhat limited
Beyond moisturization, lather, gentle formulation, and price are valued
It s not a man s worldyet
Blacks report more wide brand usage, interest in moisturization
Insights and Opportunities

Targeting kitchen odors
Mood to order
Inspire Insights

Trend: Premium and Indulgence
Trend: Green Skepticism
Market Size and Forecast

Key points
The economy is slowing down sales growth
Special product attributes, gifting are helping drive sales
Men become increasingly comfortable with extra grooming
Hispanics set to play a bigger role in the market
Soap, bath, and shower products market size and forecast
Figure 1: Total U.S. retail sales and forecast of soap, bath, and shower products, at current prices, 2006-16
Figure 2: Total U.S. retail sales and forecast of soap, bath, and shower products, at inflation-adjusted prices, 2006-16
Fan chart forecast
Sales and forecast of soap, bath, and shower products
Figure 3: Total U.S. sales and fan chart forecast of soap, bath, and shower products, at current prices, 2006-16
Walmart sales
Market Drivers

Key points
Slow economic recovery decelerates growth
Unemployment/underemployment is still high
Figure 4: Unemployment and underemployment, January 2007-October 2011
Consumer confidence fluctuates but remains low in 2012
Figure 5: Consumer confidence, March 2007-November 2011
Moisturizing, gifting, scent, and antibacterial drive sales
Figure 6: Soap purchasing attributes, by gender, January 2012
Figure 7: Types of bar soap used, by gender, July 2010-September 2011
Figure 8: Level of importance by ingredients/qualities, by gender, January 2012
Women mostly prefer these qualities more than men; female population to increase 4.9%
Figure 9: U.S. female population, by age, 2006-16
Increased interest among men
Figure 10: Dove Men + Care television ad, 2011
Figure 11: Soap purchasing attributes, by male gender, January 2012
Figure 12: Male population, by age, 2006-16
Hispanic population/spending power growth will factor heavily in the future
Figure 13: Ownership of soap and bath products, by race/Hispanic origin, January 2012
Figure 14: Population, by race and Hispanic origin, 2006-16
Competitive Context

Skincare moisturizers continue to compete with moisturizing soaps
Private label offers an alternative to pricier national brands
Segment Performance

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