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Know the fundamentals of corporate catering

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What is corporate catering? Catering for business guests of small or large commercial establishment organized by a catering company is corporate catering. Meals for company meetings and events are provided. These corporate establishments prefer to hire caterers regularly which are a part of business operations of the firm. From the corporate view point it could be considered as providing food service at the office premises of the client or as per client request.  These firms also offer birthday and Wedding reception catering services.

It has become customary in several firms to hire expert corporate catering service. This is a manner to thank guests for attending various company events or other business meetings. Planning of business meets also include fine culinary treats. Menu selection is also a part of catering. Menu is selected as per the time of the event. For day, afternoon, night and evening menu differs accordingly. Corporate   caterers are aware of the current style and arrangements. Various factors are taken into consideration like the number of attendees; event time; demographic of the people attending the event; event duration; facilities; food, location and beverages. They would ensure that they work as per your requirements.

Arrangements depend on whether the event is formal or not and the type of target audience. Even seating arrangements are also taken care of. No matter whatever type of catering it is, it needs to be done with adequate care and attention. This is because it involves your guests thereby making them more satisfied.

You should conduct a thorough research before selecting a catering firm for your event. You need to consider various factors like the services they provide and the rates.  You can also speak to various friends who work in corporate establishments.  You should also enquire with three to five catering companies in order to know the deals and services they provide. This would help you in selecting the right caterer for your event.

You keep these factors in mind while selecting a corporate caterer:

Total number of attendees attending the corporate event.

Time of the event: You need to calculate the number of hours the corporate event may run.  

The manner the food would be served like whether it would be a sit down meal, buffet or appetizer   service.

The type of food that needs to be served like whether it should be cold or hot. 

Timeline determination: For a buffet perhaps you want the food to be available in the beginning or after the events are over. 

Check the per quest rate. You should also find out what is included in per quest.    

Know about the server and bartender rates. 

Be informed about the deposit and the advance required.

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