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The Status of Circular Vibrating Screen

by anonymous

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    We all know that, in the engineering field, the vibrating screen can not be lack, but also a lot of machinery need the equipment vibrating screen the classification and application range are very wide, vibrating screen is widely used in mining beneficiation, stone production line, before starting the screening machine, you should check whether there are obstacles hindering screen machine operation, and if all the coupling bolts are tightened, especially the mounting bolts of the excitation source, bearing seat, the fixed bolts of sieve plate need to be re-tightened again. Check if the two vibration motor or exciter turned to the contrary direction, if the steering direction is the same, a motor power wiring should be changed, and make the two motors turn in the opposite.
     When the screen machine operates, first start with empty load and then run, stop one time, to observe whether there are the abnormal phenomena and sound operation, when the device is running with no load, the empty screen machine should be smooth and normal. After 4 hours of continuous operation, the measure the bearing temperature, bearing temperature shall not exceed 75 ℃.
     After 4 hours continuous running, the various parts of the coupling bolt need to be re-fastened once, after the repeated 2-3 times. When the device operates with materials, feeding should be uniform, so that the material is uniform on the screen surface, such as material "deviation", you should adjust to the material point. Before stopping screen machine, you should stop feeding first, after the finish of the screen surface material in the parking. After stopping, you should promptly clean the material and debris on the screen surface
     Also, users should keep in mind that after using vibration motor or exciter of vibrating screen 3 months, you should refuel one time, one time minor repairs every six months, overhaul once a year, and according to the specification of YZO series vibration motor.

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