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Maintenance Considerations for Vibrating Screen

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      The operation and maintenance of circular vibrating screen is critical,if improper operation, it is likely to affect the life of vibrating screen, reasonable maintenance can extend the life of vibrating screen, this article is a description about vibrating screen maintenance.
      Before opening screen, the operator should check the screen height on both sides at the same time, too high oil level will result in higher temperature of vibration shocker or operating difficulties, too low oil level will cause premature bearing damage.
     Check the v-belt tension of vibrating screen to avoid slipping in the starting or working, and ensure that the v-belt pulley.
Check the full fastening extent of the bolts of shaker, and after initial 8 h, retightened once times.
      Vibrating screen sieve should be started with no load, after sieve runs smooth, you can start feeding, you should feeding before stopping, after the materials on the screen are discharged, you stop the equipment.
      Feeding chute should be close to the feed end of the shaker, and feeding the materials along the full width of the sieve as possible, its direction is consistent with the running direction of materials on the screen surface, and gets the best sieving results. The maximum difference from feed points to the screen surface is less than 500mm to ensure minimum impact for the item on the screen surface.
The exciter of shaker rotates with the direction of material flow direction, and increase material speed, and can increase productivity and reduce screening efficiency; the exciter of shaker rotates in contrast with the direction of material flow direction, it can reduce material running speed and production capacity, you can improve screening efficiency, and ensure the minimum clearance between all moving parts and fixed parts.
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