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Know more about captcha and its alternatives

by mario26

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If you are familiar with the web, you would have most probably seen a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). Almost every website owner uses CAPTCHA to prevent the website from automated attacks and spam during various situations. So, if you are interested to know more about CAPTCHA, then continue reading.

Basically, CAPTCHA is a technology used to ensure that the user is a real human, and not bots, spammers, content scrapers or viral programmers. Without a CAPTCHA, spammers potentially create several accounts with the help of robots to create and send spam.

The CAPTCHA is designed with the purpose to stop automated spamming; hence it is widely used in forums, blogs, registration forms and any comment-enabled websites. CAPTCHA contains obscurely presented alpha-numeric figures to present a challenge to the user. This makes it decipherable by real humans, but fails bots or non-human entities. However, some of the nonhuman entities still find a loophole, and easily crack the CAPTCHA to create spam. Also, sometimes resolving the CAPTCHA presents a frustrating experience to the real user due to bad usability and due to unfriendly complexity. It calls for a lot of time, effort, and above all tests the patience of the user. This drawback leads to the need for more easily resolvable, less time consuming alternative forms of CATCHA; without compromising with its efficacy.

One of the best alternatives is efence, which is an innovative and friendly product for humans and enhances security against the internet bots. This alternative is the best replacement for alphanumeric CAPTCHA, as it requests users to click on parts of an image to complete the process. The efence provides trusted platform and easy interaction tool to real humans and on the same time acts hard on bots. Such an effective CAPTCHA helps keeping any website free from the attack of spammers or bots.

The efence is supported on platforms like java, PHP, ASP.NET and so on. It can even be integrated for applications and games targeted for mobiles and tablets that keeps website clean and safe from spammers.

If you are still in search for such an effective bot or spam protection for your website, look out for efence CAPTCHA online, and select the best one, for your needs.

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