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Depression – A Cause for Concern

by anonymous

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Depression has become quite a common term in the present state of affairs. Spreading its vicious fangs at an alarming pace especially amongst the younger generations, this disease continues to make its presence felt in the ever-changing world. While some become aware of its onset at an early stage and undergo the required prevention steps in order to nip the disease at its bud a large portion of the population continue to stay ignorant of its causes and cures. Here we lay down a few of the most relevant causes of depression.

Irregular sleep is one of the most frequent causes of depression. Medically stated, the cortisol levels of the body should go up in the morning while melatonin goes down but if latter is high during this time, it can makes you feel groggy and depressed. To be more specific a long nap in the middle of the day makes you feel tired and distressed for a few hours afterward, in addition to offsetting your sleep rhythm, as you tend to be awake at bedtime.

Unhealthy diet ranks second in the list of cause the depression. If the body is not furnished with the requisite amount of raw materials to produce what we call the “feel good hormones,” serotonin, progesterone, GABA, and dopamine that relax the human mind and muscles, you will feel fatigued. One of the most burning causes of depression is the consumption of alcohol that will cause a sudden increase in your dopamine levels. After the consumption of alcohol, your body experiences a sudden drop in dopamine. This will increase the feeling of depression. It’s similar to having a bipolar disorder that brings in the mind swings of being instantly happy at one moment and equally depressed the very next second.

The absence of proper exercise leads to insufficient endorphin and serotonin production. Lack of a proper regime restricts the normal flow of blood that is required to nourish the internal organs that in turn hampers the production of relaxing hormones.

People burdened with problems of anxiety and depression, tend to be prone to panic attacks after the intake of anti-acids for a considerable period. Anti-acids can cause a deficiency of vitamins and mal-absorption of proteins, leading to an abnormally functioning nervous system that becomes supersensitive to physical and mental stress.

Intake of excess caffeine stimulates ones “fight or flight” system constantly, causing one to always be in a hurry or unsettled. An attempt to multitask, tends to make you more anxious.

Despite having a healthy diet, indigestion leads to the lack of enough nutrients required to produce balanced levels of hormones. On the contrary, the undigested food transforms into toxic material.

With aging the digestive effectiveness decreases, which reduces the absorption of nutrients necessary to produce enough feel good hormones. Consumption of junk food not only impedes digestion but also depletes the supply of feel good hormones.

Stress boosts the production of cortisol and adrenaline, the “fight or flight” hormones, causing a chemical imbalance that in turn gives rise to depression and anxiety. Exposure to long-term stress hampers the production of stress-coping hormones cortisol and progesterone by the adrenal gland thus making you sensitive to the slightest of environmental changes. This makes you feel anxious and depressed.

We consciously endeavour to put at bay the depression issues that creep in your daily regime to promote a healthier and happier you.


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