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Variety of Options for Teeth Whitening for Interested People

by paulscharles

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Due to some causes, people develop dark stained or yellow stained teeth and teeth whitening is a must for them. The causes include tobacco chewing, chronic intake of coffee, smoking etc. There are so many products available to whiten the teeth which are known as the teeth whitener. By using these products, the stained teeth can be made white again. These products can be used at home safely.


The teeth whitener includes so many products like the gels, custom trays, laser LED light and the whitening pen. The teeth whitening gels are also classified into several types like the gel with 36% strength of carbamide peroxide, gel with 35% carbamide peroxide, with 22% of carbamide peroxide and gel with 44% carbamide peroxide.  There are so many other kinds of gel available in the market too, namely Light-White photo initiator gel, which is used in conjunction with laser light.


Other than the gel, a number of products are generally used to whiten the teeth. These products include teeth whitening mouth trays, which are thermo forming for exact fit, better whitening process and less irritation. The other instrument is the laser LED light, which is specifically designed for whitening teeth. This small device is based on the blue light system with the accurate light frequency in nanometers to activate the teeth whitening gel.


Another teeth whitener is the teeth whitening pen, which contains the bleaching effect of Carbamide Peroxide and designed to whiten the teeth. The best use of this device is touch-ups and ideally used on vacation or at work. This device is very easy to use. It is generally used after brushing the teeth.

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