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Streamlines Institutional Evaluation Tasks

by clarkadams

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As part of efforts to remain competitive, high-performing organizations seek accreditation in their respective fields. Accreditation involves more than just a stamp of approval or a plaque on the shelf but a necessary confirmation that the organization is able to maintain strict quality standards with regard to their processes. After all, clients and shareholders often seek proofs of product or service quality.

When an organization receives accreditation from an industry-recognized body, it only goes to show that that organization lives up to the highest standards in its specific field. For educational institutions, accreditation serves as a tacit recommendation for parents and students to consider enrolling in a certain school. The process of accreditation, however, is not an easy task and is something that requires quality accreditation management system to be truly effective.

Consider, for example, the accreditation process that educational institutions normally undergo. There are many factors to consider, foremost among which pertains to academics. How strong are the course offerings in terms of subjects covered and facilities provided? Do they meet the requirements students expect from the curriculum offered?

In addition, the credentials of each faculty member would also have to be considered. How many years of teaching experience do they have, and what degrees have they earned? Do most professors have master or doctorate degrees? What research projects have they undertaken, and what is the student/faculty ratio? Finally, where does the institution’s academic strengths lie, where is it weak, and how does it address these concerns?

Another factor to consider is student selectivity, which can determine the quality of the student body. How many students apply to enter the institution under scrutiny, and what percentage of the applicants gets accepted? Of those students who do get accepted, how many actually enroll in the course they applied for? What’s the average number of students accepted annually?

These are only some of the numerous questions which need answers from accreditation agencies to make a proper evaluation of an educational institution. All of these items require data that will take some time to gather. Only a proper accreditation management system can effectively address this need. For more information on the topic, visit

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