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Mobile Crushing Station Promotes Crushing Technology of Open

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1. Coal is one of the main energy in today's society, the Government is constantly increase its mining efforts. Coal mining was a hard work, because of its different burial depth, which can generally be divided into open-pit mining and underground mining. Mining in the open pit mine is mostly the supply for power plants; power plant has demand for coal particle size, and is usually less than 200mm. Product size will therefore directly affect the economic benefit of coal mine, and purchasing an appropriate set of broken equipment will help improve the efficiency of open-pit coal mining.
2. The direction of opencast coal mining in China at present is also followed the direction of development of international advanced technology: device scale, centralizing mining, continuous mining technology. Mobile crushing plant has become a large set that is suitable for open pit coal mining equipment. It owns a complete set of the crushing and screening systems, which is equipped with configuration-driven devices (wheeled and tracked two), full freedom of movement, and like a mobile crushing plant. Wheeled mobile crushing plant and track mobile crushing plant in the mining of open-pit coal mine fully plays their own advantages. Because of its tactical flexibility, and can timely follow up progress of coal mining and work at any time, which reduces the cost of transport and crushing after mining, meanwhile, its high-performance effect of coarse, broken effects greatly improves the efficiency of work and speeds up the progress of coal mining.
3. mobile crushing station owns advanced design, excellent performance, high efficiency and easy maintenance, economic running costs, stable and reliable operation, which dramatically changes the traditional crushing working mode of open-pit coal mine, and plays an important role in improving efficiency and the overall treatment of coal mine. Predictably, in the near future, mobile crushing plant is sure to be the necessary weapon for the mining of open-pit coal mine.

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