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It takes a long time getting anywhere in London

by jamesonridley

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London is the largest metropolitan area in the UK. Every night of the week there’s something exciting to see or do within all zones. The problem in living in such a vast city as London is that it can take longer to travel. Certain times of the day can drastically change the amount of time it takes to get across town or even two blocks down the road. It can be frustrating trying to get to an event on time against the struggle of traffic both under and atop ground. Safety becomes a priority in the evening when taking public transport may be less frequent.


One of the great things about London’s transport networks are how specific areas usually cater to the residents. Although those unfamiliar to South Kensington will certainly be in great hands and can rest easy knowing their being directed the right way. For events at the Earls Court Exhibition centre, it’s a great idea to take a South Kensington minicab. Drivers will be familiar with the area, cutting down travel time to maximise attendance at the event.  No more stressing about protecting an outfit ensemble from the weather or worrying about delays on public transport. Arrive looking effortless and on time for every event.


After a night out, the best way to return home is by booking any of the minicabs in South Kensington. Don’t let the weather dampen a wardrobe choice, whatever time of year there’s always an option to step out in time and in style. Minicabs aren’t restricted by time like public transport and are safer than waiting an hour for a bus. Want to wear heels for the evening but not for the ride home? Protect your feet from the city streets by booking a ride home instead of having to carry an extra pair of shoes. No matter what hour of the night there will always be a quick and direct safe way home.


It’s stressful enough trying to locate directions, an outfit and decide when to leave to arrive on time in South Kensington. Leave all the stressful travel to South Kensington minicabs, the experts on the area to ensure an enjoyable evening out of the rain. Arrive in style and return home safely knowing that the journey is direct, instead of trying to navigate between endless night buses that only run once or twice an hour. Time is funny thing in London. It ticks by slowly when there’s plenty of time to get anywhere but it speeds up if running late. Tempting time in London is battle that’s never won.


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Jameson Ridley is a freelance writer with experience contributing to Take a South Kensington minicab to get to local events quickly. For more information: South kensington minicabs

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